Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Winter Solstice everybody!

I hadn't realized that only "participating" businesses would be waving 10% of the VAT today, but here they are.  It's nice to see all the grocery stores on there.

The airport departure fee officially went up to $100EC ($38US) last Thursday (see WINNFM).

As predicted by the police chief, crime, which has been going down over the past couple of months, is experiencing a come back for the holidays. People desperate for $ for gifts stoop to whatever it takes to get either goods or cash (love that Christmas spirit). So far, most of the crimes have been against businesses, but that seems to be changing as we get closer to the 24th/25th (St. Kitts -Nevis Times on Facebook is a good source for such info).  Stay alert out there.

And can I just say Brr??!  It's cold!  Jack and Zura have been snuggling up to me non-stop for warmth.

I went to bed in sweats and still almost got up to put a blanket on the bed. I was amazed when the next door neighbor's a/c went on - what do they have their thermostat set at?? Open your windows!  Although we had quite a bit of rain last night, with very gusty winds, I see some sun this morning. Hopefully it'll burn off the moisture. Still windy though!

I also had my first Diet Dr. Pepper that my mom lugged all the way here from the States. My morning coffee.  Delightful! Drinking Emoticons Thanks Mom!