Monday, December 12, 2011

Whine, Whaa, Complain...

I keep telling myself, at least it's not snow...

These guys were in denial too, thinking the waves were high enough to surf. Maybe Keys Beach or N Friar's, but the waves in Sandy Bank tend to break too close to shore. Of course, the other beaches have riptides, but it's never perfect.

Seriously, look how green it is. That 2nd picture is from the same time last year. The beach was eroded back then (Christmas winds), but it was clean!


We had about an hour before it went to crap again. We were getting cold so headed back. U-G-L-Y.

No soccer in the park today!  You'll note it was sunny in Frigate Bay.

Another cruise ship goes off into the gloom.

I've got my sweats and long-sleeve shirt on. Love the rusty chairs (it takes 3 to keep the back up and every time I sit down, pieces fall off. Sometimes I miss Target).

Monday, mostly sunny with an occasional scare as some clouds come over every once in a while (it does look like Nevis has been getting wet). Mosquitoes are back (during the day!).  I've got visitors coming in for a day this week, so here's wishing for some good weather!