Monday, January 9, 2012

1st Hash of New Year

We started off our new year with a rather low-key, but pleasant hash in Cayon.  The temps are just about right (although we're still getting an odd amount of rain overnight) and we had nice water views throughout. Put your hiking shoes on and let's go. Note: I lifted a couple of photos from the St Kitts Hash House Harriers Facebook page too (Thanks Burnell).

You're following one or the other:

On On!

Then we were entering town again. Ah, the days before X-Box/Wii. When kids had imaginations and brooms could be swords.

The best part of the hike.

The after "party" was loonier than usual with Popcorn taking over. Should you be curious how this works, someone (not me) videoed the occasion (just remember, if you want to hash but don't drink, you could still get stuck with a down-down, but you'd just drink water/soda - always bring a change of shirt).

Michael (Jingle Balls) shockingly got called out as a short-cutting bast**d. He actually got lost and tried to cut back to where everyone else was. He also fell twice trying to do it and was bleeding slightly and even ended up with a swollen hand for his troubles. And then he had to do a down-down. Sheesh. Alex has no excuse, he was caught on camera. Bright red shirt ratting him out.

Drink up boys.

You need to watch what you say and who you say it to on these hashes. Popcorn asked The Big Drip why he was walking and not running and was told something like this was the only time he could get away from his wife, Bull Bait. Pat (said wife) laughed, but reminded Steve that he'd have to sleep sometime.

Mr. X (God's Gift) is always late and burps.

There were others, but you get the idea. If all that wasn't enough, we even had a few fireworks (go Bob!).

You know it's time to go home when you're dog has been patiently sitting in the car waiting for you for over an hour. Poor Betsy.

A new year has been broken in. The next hash will be in the Half Moon Bay area and is not going to be as easy as this one was.

Hey - Chris & Paul (Belize) if you're reading this, email me. Thank you for the contact you gave us!