Monday, January 16, 2012


It may not be snowing here, but brr!  The breeze is chilly. Before we found out how chilly, we ran across this rather large monkey friend drinking from a rain puddle. He moved to the side but didn't seem overly concerned about us and went right back to his beverage after we drove by.

We got to the beach and were amazed at how nippy the wind was. The sun kept going in and out and when it went back in - brr. Eventually, the darn sun went in and stayed in and we even got spit on a little.

I'm freezing - time to go!

Michael made a great soup with a ton of veggies in it that warmed us both right up. I'm also appreciative of it because this cold is trying to take hold. Scratchy throat/eyes, tickly nose - but I have faith that my fighter genes will overpower these germ intruders before they really get me down. I haven't had a cold in about a decade and would like to keep it that way.

Happy Martin Luther King day folks.