Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF the 13th!

Are you scared of Friday the 13th? If so, then you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia. Sounds like a Russian last name or something. I kind of like the other choice of friggatriskaidekaphobia. Hopefully you don't have para/frigga-bleh-bleh, because there are two more this year (April & July). In my opinion, if you work Mon-Fri, any Friday is a good thing.

So I noticed a couple of local articles sort of coinciding with some of my recent posts and thought I'd just merge them here for the heck of it.

First up, I got a great laugh when I saw this sign. Then I read the article (and heard the audio) on WINNfm and felt I had to respond for those the Sanitation Department was upset with. Now I must say, I agree - everyone is a little too flippant with their choice locations of whiz-taking. It's not even a St. Kitts thing. I was familiar with it in NYC (Michael actually got ticketed during some city celebration many moons ago) and I narrowly escaped a run-in with police while in a compromising position in Philly once (my college roommate wasn't so lucky). It does get a little annoying to constantly see guys pulling over and just dropping their drawers right in front of you and I can imagine that having to clean up behind this mess is not exactly fun. That said, in relation to the carnival events - What choice did we have?! The j'ouvert celebrations started at 2am. There were no restaurants open at that hour and we were given all-we-could drink beverages. When ya gotta go; ya gotta go! There was a lot of action in the sugar cane fields. Once we made it into town, some of the restaurants were open, but how many had rest rooms and wanted drunken, painted, revelers using them? I know I held it in all the way to the point I knew there were bathrooms and they were locked!  My bladder let go in protest - along with those of 3 other women in the same alley. We tried!! So, while I support any efforts to stop the rather pervasive public urination activity, I think you need to cut us some slack for Carnival. If you don't want us peeing in the streets, then install port-o-potties around (I didn't see any) or make the troupes include it in their set-up.  It's like not providing trash cans and then getting ticked because people are littering. And in NYC, they don't expect people to pick up after themselves after a major event (like New Year's Eve or ticker-tape parades). It's part of the cost of street celebrations. Suck it up and know that you're going to need clean-up crews and include it in your budgets.

Next up - I was whining (mainly on StormCarib) about flies. Lest you think I was exaggerating, the invasion even made it into the news (again, thanks to WINNfm). We have noticed that the little boogers have been decreasing, and this was confirmed by the island's Chief Medical Officer. It's still raining at night (hard) and people still leave garbage out, so I'm not sure why there should be any difference, but it's cooler than it's been, so maybe conditions aren't quite as conducive for them. I'm not looking a gift horse. Of course, you trade one for another - the centipedes are back. We had a rather large one in the house already and once again the kitties are earning their keep.

People with colds are running around spreading their germs, and I'm starting to not feel too hot myself. So far: burning eyes, tickling nose, feeling warm, and lacking energy - but I'm hoping I can try to sleep it off today and let my body heal itself before the invasion takes over full force. We got into a conversation with some locals last night about various bush teas, so maybe I'll go out back and boil up some of the leaves I find and see what happens.  If all goes well, there's a new Chinese restaurant and (huge) grocery store in Basseterre we want to check out while it's still shiny and new. Yet another friend is moving off the island (to Canada) so we'll likely stop and say congrats (and in 4 weeks goodbye) to him too. Sigh.

For now, I try to rest with this kind of frickin' noise blaring through my windows.

Manor, I'm starting to really dislike you.