Saturday, January 21, 2012

SKN Deals
Here I went and saved that centipede the other day and last night I got stung really good on the palm by one if its pals when I put my hand on a railing at The Dock. It still hurts and definitely looks & feels like a deep splinter. A little to speak.
I'm also getting some not so good feedback on that new Chinese place we tried last week. Apparently, others aren't have the best luck there. All agree the spring rolls are good, so it seems that everything else is hit or miss or a matter of taste.

Don't know if you guys have seen this (thanks Liz), but if a lot of businesses are participating, you could be in the know for some island deals. I'm not sure this will work on my cheapie pay-as-you go mobile, but Michael could do it I think.

According to their Facebook page, these handouts will be made available around town. Simple and easy. Created for the public to know more about SKN Global Marketing (SKNGM) with instructions on how to scan QR Codes and what to expect from them.  The offer is FREE and they have four different colors available (?). If you have friends with a mobile phone but not a smart phone you can sign them up from yours. Just fill in their information with their mobile number and submit. We'll try it.