Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now I've Done It

I've been on the fence for some time now about starting another blog on weird things I've read or heard about. Most of it lately has focused on the absurdity of what seems to have become the Republican primary, but I come across a mish mash of things while I'm online during the day. I'm usually researching something for one story (did so-and-so really say that? pass that bill?!) and then end up immersed in something new I find out. I've discovered that many times when I ask others if they know about much of this stuff, they don't either, but agree it's interesting. So....I've started another blog. We'll see if I can keep all the balls in the air with this blog, the book blog, and now my new one. Not to mention the map, activities page, eat/drink listing, and events calendar.

What's it called?  Renee's Babbling.  You can bookmark it, go to the tab from this blog, subscribe to it, or ignore it. I understand, sometimes I can only be taken in small doses. However, you just might learn something! Like you don't like me...  I've been hedging because I didn't want to be "attacked" by people determined to believe things I'm trying to out, but I'll take my chances. Go ahead and check it out and give me some feedback. I can take it. It's an experiment. If the blog attracts a readership, I'll keep it going. If not, I might keep it going anyway as an outlet for my angst or just kill the thing and keep talking to my computer.