Monday, February 13, 2012

On the Mend

I think Michael & I are on the mend. We felt pretty lousy for a couple of days, but other than being a little tired, most of our other symptoms are just about gone. Thanks for the well-wishes.

Drugs helped us rally on Saturday for a very rare occurrence. We went to someone's house for dinner. For some reason, the main way to socialize on island is to meet up at a bar. It's just easier and you never know who else will stop "in." We entertained more on our boat than we have since we moved onto land over 2 years ago (other boaters would dinghy on by and say hi or join in). I kind of miss the more intimate gatherings. I think we've had someone at our place twice. I would like to remedy this, but honestly, we have a hard enough time feeding ourselves. I live on baked potatoes and various toppings during the week, while Michael pigs out on a free lunch from his company. We eat a pizza or something on the weekend with maybe one home-made meal. Some of it's laziness, but it's also difficulty finding food (or at least a variety of food) or not wanting to spend a fortune on food. Last week, Michael couldn't find bread and we haven't seen cucumbers in weeks. We ate much better on the boat than we do here - no question; our diet here has definitely hit the doldrums. I have a farmer pal that says he's got a bunch of crops coming in, so I'm hoping he'll hook me up soon. Until's what we brought to Heather's house:

Now I know what you're thinking - we brought a can of pudding to someone's house?! What did Heather do to deserve that? This is not any dessert. This is a rare find and almost compares to Michael's homemade chocolate mousse. It can only be found on French islands and was our last can (this one came from St Martin). We deemed Heather pudding-worthy and were happy to share it with her. A little whipped cream and.


Success. Earlier, we enjoyed the views. Oddly, there's been a summer-type haze over the sea for the past couple of days.

I love when ruins are mixed in among the new.

We had an accidental bean dip (she thought the can she opened was was chick peas...), a lasagna (yummy), and a salad with....cucumber! She had found some pickle-sized cucumbers and deemed us cucumber-worthy so shared. See how that works? We really must do this more often.

Sunday afternoon, we managed to summon enough energy to get ourselves to "our" beach and sprawled out until the bugs, well, bugged us. The beach has finally rid itself of most of the seaweed - yay! Now this is the way we like it.

The water is finally clear again too. But brrr.

For next weekend, we're trying to figure out how to fit a free history hike and a red-dress hash into the same day. You'll note the calendar has a lot going on for Valentine's Day but I think that day is forced and stupid, so we'll pass. The rest of you romantics enjoy yourselves.