Monday, February 6, 2012

That Was Close!

Now that was the perfect weekend. I did beach walks while Michael attempted to surf. He went in with good intentions...

But after flipping off to each side and then going head first over the board, he was back out again.

Friends trying to paddleboard in the distance weren't doing too bad considering how rough it was out there.

Then we got ready for the Super Bowl and decided to watch it on the beach. We ran into pals who had spent the day in Nevis. Spent the day drinking... They didn't last long (and didn't care about American football), but were entertaining while they lasted (no drinking for me - I'm not the lush I appear to be).

Ok, time to concentrate on the game. The white sheet and projector combo on the beach turned out to be surprisingly sharp (blurred so I don't get sued though).

Not only was the game a nail biter, but the half time show was good too. Of course, it was really fabulous when the Giants won. Wahoo!

Yes, I know that was a Yankee's shirt, but it's all I had. It'll come in handy when the Yanks are in the "World" Series again...hee hee.