Friday, February 24, 2012

Visiting Runners

So far, I've gotten pretty good feedback on the other blog, so thanks a bunch! I'm working on the debate now. Not a fast process...  Michael's picking up the mantle on Island Babble though and not only took pictures but wrote the event up!  I've edited it, of course.

On Tuesday, a group called Caribbean Marathon Cruisers (they're on Facebook too), came into town. They were visiting 4 islands and running/walking on all 4 so that the cumulative miles ran equaled a marathon. In St. Kitts, they contacted our hashmaster, Percy, and asked if he would set a 12K for them. He and Carl (the same two that have set the last two hashes) said sure and then drummed up a bunch of volunteers from the hash crowd. Michael was one of them (so was Popcorn).

The race started at 8am in Port Zante and went thru Bird Rock, the Horizon part of Frigate Bay, down Kim Collins Highway to the Bypass, then to the Monument, and finished at the marina. The group had just done lots of hills in St. Thomas, so were hoping for something a bit flatter here, but got a mish mash of terrain.

There was a motorcycle cop and a couple of police on bicycles that did a great job. Give them the claps!

Now at the end of these people's cruise, they get a medal saying they've completed a marathon, but I'll bet they were more proud to discover they had been virgins again for a day and then de-virginized in a ceremony they'll be sure to remember. Popcorn officiated the usual rituals and, needless to say, many were surprised when they were all called "arseholes" in the traditional Popcorn-speak. It wasn't long before they figured out it was this Brit's term of endearment and they realized they weren't really being insulted. Many "marathoners" had already returned to the ship, not realizing that they were about to miss this. I'll bet they're sorry!

First Percy and Carl showed them how a down-down was done. Percy always throws his backwash at whoever's nearest, but you're supposed to pour it over your head. The newbies didn't understand that and ended up dousing each other when the time came.

Here's the marathon organizer:

These ladies were guilty for matching the trail color marks.

Costume (mask)-wearing arseholes:

You know how it goes.  Michael said that everyone from organizers to participants had a great time (even the person who had a slight injury along the way). They all want to do it again next year. The strange things we do...

This weekend, we might check out a flea market and see if we can find a few deals.  Hope you all have a great weekend!