Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bill Fright

It makes me feel really good to have discovered that Michael has smaller calves than I do. Hrmph. I was going to try out a stretchy fabric knee-brace (one of my knee caps has been feeling funny) but couldn't get the darn thing up to my knee. Michael is now walking around with it on...Hrmph. Hrmph.

This is how I'm starting to feel about our electric bill:

We never know what the bill is going to be despite the fact that we pretty much do the same thing every month (less in winter - no ceiling fans, fridge running less, etc.). I don't even watch tv during the day. The extra fuel charge that adds over $100 to each bill certainly doesn't help. Grumble.

Here's an interesting video about island fishermen:

FYI the internet will be down on Thursday from 2am to 5am. We'll see. As it was, I was in the middle of doing our taxes online when the power went out. Frickin' Frackin...