Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dirty Work

So Friday night I was determined to do something different. We tried to coordinate with a number of people and ended up by ourselves, but we did make it to Nirvana. I had been there before for a Christmas party, but Michael had never been there. They're having 2 for 1 appetizers + 1 drink for $US20 on Thursdays and Fridays.  We could afford that. We got there at about 5:30 and, other than the staff, were completely alone. We didn't mind.

We had front row seats with a view.

We ordered an artichoke spinach dip and veggie wrap. The serving sizes were respectable, but you'd still want dinner. They would only satisfy two people too. Which, of course, was perfect. Both were good, but we were big fans of the dip.
We enjoyed the view

until it got dark and we got cold.

We would definitely do that again - with warmer clothes. The staff was attentive and it wasn't too far of a drive. Speaking of drive. They closed off the main "highway" back to Frigate for the renaming ceremony with the Royals the next day so we were forced to take a detour. Except that we didn't want to, so we tried to go around the signs. Only to find some tents in the middle of the road. Oops - just taking pictures!

Once back on track, we were amazed to run into traffic because they were repaving the road. That's right, the government knew the Brits were coming for a while now and waited until the night before to do road improvements. Island life...

Saturday, we got our hands dirty - and everything else - when we started weeding for our upcoming produce planting. The before:

The after:

Not bad for 4 hours work (I didn't even take pictures of all we did). Michael's going to tackle a small patch tomorrow we want to use for tomatoes and then we should be set to get some seeds in. There are a couple more areas we need to clear for corn and maybe some fruit, but we'll do that next weekend or the next. If the monkeys stay away, we just might be eating salad we grew ourselves soon. Now if I could just get this dirt out from under my nails...