Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sushi Anyone?

A new restaurant is opening on March 28th in north Frigate Bay, between the Marriott and The Strip, called Rituals Sushi and yes, it's right next to the Ritual's Coffee House (there are 3 of these on island) and by Pizza Boys (also owned by Rituals). It seems the same guy also plans to start two Church's Chicken franchises on island. Yeah, just what we need, more places that sell chicken. Not only is there a KFC, but just about every single beach bar sells chicken, and locals BBQ gobs and gobs of birds on the street sides. Not to mention, Bobsy's new Wings & Tings near The Strip. I'd suggest you support a local before a foreign-owed franchisee, but all businesses employ locals (in low-wage jobs) so I guess in the end it's what you prefer. I read a comment saying that KFC was a "white man's chicken" and Church's for "black"tastes, so we'll have to make note of the demographic of the patrons once the competition is on. Rituals Sushi will only be open for dinner and for eat-in initially.

Mario Sabga-Aboud is the owner of all these places and owns franchises all over the Caribbean. An article published by the Office of the Prime Minister also notes that Mr. Sabga-Aboud is selling a record number of Jamaican patties on Fort Street (downtown), but I don't know what those are (patties of what?). We never frequent the coffee house as the prices are bit high for our wallet and we don't drink coffee anyway (well, Michael does when it's free). If you have a doughnut craving, they're the only ones who can satisfy it though. Pizza Boys has pretty good french fries when cooked properly and the pizza is ok (we like thin crust better). Sushi and chicken are not vegetarian...


RedJet, the only real competitor to LIAT in the Caribbean, has just about gone belly-up before making it into the St. Kitts market. All flights have been canceled. Alrighty then. That pretty much leaves American Airlines (in the middle of a restructure) and LIAT.  Well, them and Fly Windies when you can hitch a ride. Maybe we shouldn't have sold our boat.


Politics in St. Kitts is just as much fun as those in the U.S. It seems, the P.M. didn't bother to tell his Minister of National Security about a new consulate St. Kitts is establishing in the UAE and the trip 3 people took there to do just that. There's been a lot of petty bickering between the two for awhile now. Guess it's just par for the course if you're in office...anywhere. Everyone starts acting like brats in the schoolyard during recess. The consulate action would be in response to plans for a Dubai developer, who specializes in tourism lodging for religious nomads, to spend some money in St. Kitts. It seems a bit out of their realm, but stranger things have happened. There will be quite the mish-mash of ethnicities here with Kittitians, Brits, Canadians, Indians, Taiwanese, a spattering of other countries represented, and now some Middle Eastern flare. Break out the hookahs!