Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF Again

So what have we been up to? Island stuff. One day we woke up to a Dutch invasion. They had a great view of lots of rainbows sweeping past Basseterre as we had our usual morning rain showers. The past 2 weeks have been particularly windy too - poor Michael's landscaping has taken quite a beating with twigs snapping, wind-burn, salt-burn, etc. Today is probably one of the sunniest mornings we've had in a while and the winds seem to be down too. That's good because just when the building directly behind us was almost completely constructed (back to 7 days/week), the land mover returned and is clearing the land for the next one. Sigh. I think our black feet bottoms are going to be permanent features during our stay here, not to mention the headache from the noise from 8 to 5 every single day (and overnight when they don't close doors properly or tie down their stuff and we listen to that banging and clanking).  Hrmph.

You'll remember that last week's conversation at the Shack with an employee was "Oooh, Renee you're gaining weight!"  Oooh, thanks for noticing.  This week's conversation went like this: "Is that your music mix?" I had put on some party stuff since there weren't any cruise ships in so we could all boogie.  So I said: "Yeah, I thought we could go clubbin' today - Whoop! Whoop!"

And he said, "Oh, that was an old school whoop." That led to my comment - "What's that supposed to mean?" and he said "I think you haven't been clubbin' in a while."  Dang!  I told him I appreciated him calling me fat and old and he told me he liked my lipstick color...I just have to laugh. Carla, who sells pottery at the Shack every Thursday night, put her long braided hair up in little balls all over her head after a swim one evening and got so much grief for it that she eventually had to put her wet hair down to shut everyone up. When tourists come they get all offended when some of the servers are direct and short with them and think they're rude, but it really is just a cultural thing. Just be careful giving it back, because they're not sure how to take you either. I've been here long enough I can spar with the best of 'em, and Popcorn gets away with murder, but just like everywhere, it's all about fitting in.

Speaking of fitting in, it's time to see what we've got that's green for the St. Patty's hash Saturday. We plan to do some more gardening (with our green thumbs, hee hee) too. We've already got some veggies planted and will start some more from seed tomorrow so we can get them in the dirt in a couple of weeks. I like the Agricultural Department's push for more locally provided things like juices, produce, even island-made flour (from cassava and breadfruit), and chips. I say bring it on! They should also revamp the market downtown. Even most of the locals don't use it - sitting on the curbs or setting up tents along the street. It really is the worst market in the Caribbean. Wash it down and paint it. Get the homeless and drunk people out of there and institute some rules so that people don't get jipped and the yelling is kept to a minimum.

FYI, a new Facebook page has just been created to coordinate people in St. Kitts trying to sell/buy stuff called StepToes. Students buying/selling stuff (among other things) are also on Facebook under St. Kitts Students.

Today's excitement? Two power outages and we've run out of propane so will have to use the Renee method of cooking - microwave + toaster oven. Or wine....