Saturday, March 31, 2012

This and That

New Zealand
I think I agree with Kristen that the orange patch I saw the other day was seaweed. A morning Caribbean sea swimmer, Sue, mentioned that the water was clear for the first time in awhile, so it's possible that the swell direction changed and carried the stuff out away from the island. We see huge swaths of this on the ocean side all the time (and then on our beaches - boo), but it threw me off seeing it in the Caribbean Sea. You sure wouldn't have wanted to catch that in your propeller! Fin seems ok though.

Keeth France (Facebook)
We had planned on going to the Brimstone Hill battle reenactment, but they changed the dates (to accommodate cruise ship passengers, we heard) so ended up missing it (I really need some wheels). Locals/expats can be rather flaky attending events, so I guess I can understand the reasoning, but I think it would have been well attended on Saturday by school kids and people like us. Hopefully there will be a next time.

Tonight (8:30pm) is the night people from around the world will be turning off their lights for earth hour. You'd be amazed at how much electricity just that one hour saves - maybe we'll breathe a little easier for a second. Kudos to The Nevis Historical & Conservation Society (NHCS) for recognizing the event and organizing a moonlight beach party on Oualie beach. If you participate, you might want to wait a bit before turning the lights back on so you don't overload the grid system. Exactly 9:30pm - flip your switches - poof!

Of course, I get to knock of 20 minutes since the electric company decided to pull power on us. Of course, I was in the middle of baking brownies for friends that lost their 2nd pet in 6 months. Whaa. Now I can give them dried out, crunchy brownies to commemorate the event. 

Thanks to and Tina (FL), JD (AZ), and William (Culebra, Puerto Rico) for their shout out (send in your pics folks - just 3 is just sad!). Remember, if you've got a copy, let me see you! Note the Canadian Amazon date of arrival:  April 2nd - wahoo! You Brits can't be too far behind. Kittitians, I'm still working on it (more excerpts).