Monday, March 12, 2012

Typical Island Day

So Sunday Michael started his usual grocery shopping at the IGA, got his cart all nice and full only to get to the register and find out that the credit card machines weren't working. Um, you couldn't put a sign on the front door maybe or say anything to the people in line? Sure, there's a Scotiabank next door, but who's going to take a cash advance for groceries? (No, it's not a debit card.) So Michael, and the other people in line, spent the next 45 minutes putting all their groceries back. Then he got to go to Best Buy and Rams, unable to get some things only IGA carries. Yes, it takes about 3-4 hours to grocery shop every week.

Then we headed to the beach. I guess we're going to have to accept the seaweed as the norm now. More and more is coming in again every week. I can not believe these ying yangs got in the water. It's 79 degrees! I thought 84 was cold. The waves were pretty powerful, one poor soul took a shot to the gonads and another got tossed onto their shoulder pretty hard. Didn't stop them from playing though.

Kawabunga! Then we got back to the house and wondered why the kitchen floor was wet.  Uh oh. Someone didn't get the freezer door all the way closed and everything inside defrosted. And the thing was running the entire time we were gone (about 85°F in the house). Crap.

Well, the good news is that I was able to run the SE Peninsula for the first time in over 2 months. It's rained every single morning for months until about 3 days ago. It clears up (usually by about 10am), but I don't like running that pot-holed road once the traffic has picked up, so will only go in the very early a.m (plus there are less people to see me gasping like a fish out of water as I make my way up the hills). I didn't see my usual monkey troupe running around, but I did watch 3 cruise ships head toward town. Welcome to St. Kitts!