Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This morning I looked out (no treadmill, no talking or singing to myself) and saw this.

Does that not look like a sandbar (click on pics to enlarge)? It's never been there before. And it moved....

I have no idea if this is mud in the water, a sandbar, a cloud shadow (a dirty cloud), or some other optical illusion, but it's strange. I wish I had a dinghy to go out to it. Would it be like an elusive rainbow tip and just not be there?


The boat explosion in Port Zante marina didn't help air quality... Luckily the 2 guys that had just been on it moments before were ok and no other boats or people were affected. Pictures on Facebook.

And all you people reading my book and wondering if we had a lemon (despite my assurances that we didn't), here's a Facebook post from friends that have a great boat and are meticulous about maintaining it:
All in a day...the outboard engine is no longer starting, the water pump on the starboard engine is leaking and the head fresh pump (whew) is leaking. No time for playing today.
Yep, that's life on a boat....