Sunday, April 29, 2012

Check this out - we went to a Caribbean-side beach on Saturday! We normally go to our favorite spot on the ocean side, but thought we should break up the routine a bit. We hung out in front of the Mongoose Bar & Grill (although we're not sure he has the "grill" part), enjoyed a different view, and even got some snorkeling did (well, Michael did).

Kids on a one thinks electronics are becoming a problem?


We picked Mongoose to hang out at because it's away from the crowds down the beach at Shipwreck. Notice how no one is nearby?

Except when a family came up and plopped right on top of us. Really?! Look past them - do you see all those empty chairs? People used to anchor on top of us like this too. Sheesh.

One reason we don't regularly go to this beach is because there's a rock ledge as soon as you walk into the water and it's full of sea urchins. You do not want to step on this porcupine of the sea. But the reason people do want to go to this beach is because this ledge is good for snorkeling. We've never tried this spot, so Michael went out and said it was definitely worth it.


Did you catch the eel? Squid? Lion fish? Of course, the lobster. I'll go next month...But do I have to go with this guy?

After the beach time, we had a quick stopover at a friend's house for pre-dinner cocktails. We'd never been there before, but were wowed by his view. Not to mention the great breeze.


The crowd that was there came in handy because of this:

Do you see the 3 black spots where a sea urchin stabbed Michael during a dive? Ouch!  A Kittitian who was there told us that aloe (a cut frond, put on the wound and bandaged overnight) would draw the poison and left-over sea-urchin quills out, but we didn't have any. She then suggested hot wax. Yeah? So we took advantage of having a nurse in residence, in case we set Michael's arm hair on fire, and went at it. Do we know how to party or what?


Michael made me take the picture again, only he flexed his muscle this time. Seriously...

He said it did stop the stinging, but we're not sure if it worked completely. We will have access to aloe tomorrow, so will try that too (although apparently the sooner you do all this, the better the results).

Now we brace for the loooong power outage (4am to 2pm). Luckily, it's been windy so is rather cool-ish, so when the ceiling fans stop spinning at 4am, we won't melt into the sheets.