Saturday, April 14, 2012


So I was on my first radio show ever. AAACK!  I was supposed to be interviewed last week, but the station ran into telephone issues and had to reschedule. During that show, there was quite a bit of banter between the radio personalities about my book, with one of them misunderstanding its premise and giving me a hard time in absentia (to listen click here, go to bottom, and click on 4/7/12 - you can skip to the last 10 minutes and get the gist).  Friends who listened to this and had read the book, were prepared to call in and give them a piece of their rum-addled minds.
 I swear there isn't food or a gap between my front teeth - WTF?
I was kind of glad the interview hadn't happened because I hadn't been prepared for that line of questioning, That said, I'd heard it before and was looking forward to explaining Idiot's true essence.

My detractor wasn't on air, but I was still given the opportunity to correct the misconception. A Sail of Two Idiots is not so much a book about two inexperienced sailors as it is about two really naive cruisers. You can know how to sail and not know how to cruise (which is a lifestyle not an activity). My book isn't telling people to go out clueless, it's explaining (in brutal honesty and with humorous self-deprecation) about what it's like to live aboard a boat for 3 years. Non-sailors are enjoying Idiots because it's a rare look into what chucking it all and sailing away really looks like and is simply good, clean fun; future cruisers like it because I'm telling them the truth about living aboard so they can prepare properly; and seasoned cruisers laugh along because they remember the first time all that happened to them (and take notes on the things that haven't happened to them yet).  Now if only I had said it like that.....

I think I need some practice (you can listen and give me some pointers - just click here, go to bottom, select 4/14/12 when available and go in 14 minutes). Yes, I was nervous. Next interview April 26th.

What else?  If you're on island start washing your hands and try to keep them away from your orifices. A pretty crappy bug is going around and it seems highly contagious.  A couple of weeks ago I witnessed our neighbor barfing into the bushes right outside her locked front door. No, she wasn't drunk. Kids have been taken down, parents next. Michael got walloped Saturday afternoon. Fine one minute - his head in the bushes the next. Oddly, he was still hungry so we made sure dinner would taste good going in either direction (Eew - gross!). It's kind of scary how suddenly it hits and how violently. We know quite a few people who have been taken down with this thing - sometimes lasting up to 2 weeks. Noooo! I'm running around with a spray bottle of bleach. Die germs die!

This week was full of bad (baaaad) and good and I'm rather relieved it's over. Let's have a laugh.

This put me in a giggle fit. Come on...that's funny (especially if you've ever had a pet).