Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fountain and Some rare Nevis Info

Here's something rare: Let's talk about Nevis.  Well, first I wanted to thank Richard in British Columbia for asking his local bookstore to stock a few A Sail of Two Idiots copies so other sailors in the area could get easy access to them. Cheers back at you, my Canadian friend.  What do Nevis and Richard have to do with each other? Well, Richard is a Nevis part timer. He and his wife, Liz, have been working with the Nevis Yacht Club to entice more kids to learn to sail (read more here). It's a good cause, so if you want to participate you can contact the Club. Nevis gets short thrift on my blog because we rarely make it over there, but I am aware that some of you might like to visit.  Richard has informed me that the Nevis Forum is back online, so be sure to hop on there if you have any questions or comments about that island. The Nevis Tourism Authority has a nice website too and you can request a weekly email that lists upcoming events on Nevis so you don't miss anything. I highly recommend it, especially if you live there.  I receive that email but haven't figured out how to share it without muddying up my calendar currently full of St. Kitts activities.

Speaking of St. Kitts...Like anywhere, historic places and things tend to get underfunded and are under-appreciated until they're gone. Then everyone wonders whatever happened to....  Independence Square (formerly called Pall Mall Square) in downtown Basseterre used to be a place to auction slaves. Not exactly wanting to be reminded of that every day for perpetuity, the plaza was converted into a park and a fountain was placed in the center giving locals and visitors a pretty place to dally (and eat some iQueen ice cream).  The fountain is looking rather tired (and crooked) these days (last restoration project was in 2008). If anyone is interested in helping out with the restoration of the fountain in downtown's Independence Square, please contact Liz Pereira of Pereira Tours or:

Randolph Hamilton
Manager - Special Projects
St. Kitts Tourism Authority
Pelican Mall, Bay Road

(869) 465 4040 (Ext. 136)

It's a shame it's gotten to this stage, but if enough people contribute funds and muscle to the chore, it can once again be a place you want to spend some time.  Liz has already done quite a bit of legwork on this and discovered the following: The total material cost is EC$921.81…However, Public Works Dept reports that tins of paint left over from the last painting of the fountain still remain in a store room at the National Trust/Museum. Liz has obtained the Water Dept's commitment to ensure that all will done to ensure the supply of water and maintenance of the fountain.

Public Works will grab the paint from the museum and will provide workers. A 50lb bucket of granulated chlorine costs EC$1000.  Liz is checking with St. Kitts Industrial Supplies regarding donating chlorine. She's working now to see what it would take to keep it running in the future. Way to hustle Liz! Now give her some money!