Friday, April 13, 2012

Scorched Earth

Island cork screw:

Island fire:

Another one. We were choking at the Shack, expecting to see flames come across Timothy Hill at any moment, when Dave said his curiosity was getting the better of him and he had to drive up and check it out. I, of course, handed him my camera (thanks Dave!). You can see that the flames were farther away than expected, but boy was the air thick and stinky.

Michael took some pictures on his way to work today (yes, I employ anyone I can to report and take pictures - it takes a village):

Smoke plume to the left/scorched earth to the right

The starting point of the fire seems to be a short, flat area of billowing brown grass located just before Peninsula Cove that we call the "wind blast area" because there are almost always surprisingly strong gusts there. The flames took off southeast toward Peninsula Cove and northwest all the way to SunDance Ridge. I'll bet those homeowners were soiling themselves. I'm guessing the bars on S Friar's were relieved to see the flames stop just to the east of them (hopefully it doesn't flare up again - there's still smoke wafting up to the sky). Perhaps a little rain would come in handy about now. UPDATE: 5:30pm - I should have wished for a million dollars. It's pouring. Thank you - I think that might have squelched the remaining embers. Appreciate it.