Sunday, April 22, 2012


That's Thank God It's Hashtime. I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind a while ago had we not had these every three weeks. They never get old and I pretty much always enjoy myself. This one looked like it might get a little rainy, but surprisingly only did so while we were in the rainforest (surprise, surprise) and only for a few minutes. The hash started at Miliken Gardens, Miliken Estate, Cedar Gove, St.Peters (you can buy a home up here if you're interested). The proprietor was nice enough to open her gates and let us use her property for our shenanigans. Plans are to develop the estate as a botanical gardens.

We finally got some new t-shirts to purchase - which make us look lovely and adds to the hash kitty so we can do things like the Limp-ics and Christmas festivities. Derek stepped up to make it happen and then modeled one of them for everyone.

Michael had a new friend. That's Moxy and she was going to keep him company while he did a rare walk due to his continued knee issues.

We were surprised at the number of people that came - not as many as last time's record #, but a good size considering it looked rather nasty out there. Let's go!

Right at the beginning of the trail, there was some barbed wire, so we got backed up a bit.

Everyone had been warned to protect their "hanging jewels" or some such.

The path was a little muddy and had lots of ups and downs - which also kept us moving pretty slowly.

Our first ladder! This is where it started raining...not a bad thing since a cold front has passed through and left us with stagnant, steamy air.

 We popped out to a lovely view.


It didn't last long though and we headed back into the rainforest.


A rare picture of me hashing - a wet me with a plastic bag for the camera (not my best look - in fact, I was told I looked like sh** at the end - aah, bonding with my fellow hashers). The rain had stopped by now.

 Now we were up on a ledge. Look how lush it was.

I was told this was an old coal pile. They make their own coal here and then sell it to fellow villagers. That's quite a stacking job.

Then we crossed paths with the runners coming in the other direction. Did I mention we were on a cliff? There would be no running...The picture is blurry because I was clinging to the side with one hand and snapping the picture with the other.

Across a dry (thankfully) riverbed. Sorry for the blur. Gotta keep moving!

And then we were heading out of the forest again. Boo - it was pretty.

We're on the road again...

I loved the houses in this area. It was deafening from the tree frogs and other insects though. Wow.

Ooh - a rainbow!

And then we were almost done! I ended up running with these two to the end. While out of breath, I discovered that the older one (who I was now holding hands with) was from Nigeria and we had a quick conversation about how great it was that the female Nigerian finance minister almost got to head the World Bank. I love meeting and talking to people that hash.

And then we were done. Our hares getting congratulated for a great hash (although great is not the term used). Good job guys and thanks for setting it.

Did you notice the fog rolling in?

These people are leaving the island - boo.

Now how many times do we have to warn you not to wear new shoes?!

Hanging out and enjoying our beautiful spot.

Island car - that's a rope across the hood and duct tape above the radiator.

Ah - now I feel better. Sunday - the same ol'. The girls were getting towed by the kayak initially. That might be my method once the water warms up. Maybe in a month...