Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Weekend

As people come to terms with Masud's death, I've read some really nice dedications to him. It's really a shame he couldn't see how much support he had around him. Hopefully that support has extended to his family who are going to need a lot of it in the days and months ahead. Channel 70 (Facebook) will be airing a tribute to Masud on Monday, May 28th, so you might want to buy a box of tissues. UPDATE: A tribute on Channel 70 started showing on Saturday (26th).

While those in the States are recognizing Memorial Day, Whit Monday is upon us once again. It's a bit like Easter - you can read and listen to a blurp about it here. Luckily, things have dried out a bit and we should have a pretty nice long weekend, weather-wise. If I didn't just jinx us.

The weekend started last night with a surprisingly large and diverse crowd (considering we're off season) at the Shiggidy Shack. I had no intention of being out last night, but when I saw that there was a "new" band on and watched Mr. X put out all kind of new toys (smoke machine, disco ball, lights) I had to stay. There are not a lot of musical groups to choose from for entertainment here, especially when you have to pay for hotel rooms for those that come from Nevis (e.g., Jazzique, The Kore), so when KC-5 disappeared, the choices become rather limited. The Shack used to alternate between KC-5 and Royalties, and while both good bands, they rarely changed their sets so got a little old for regulars. Plus, the main KC-5 singer got a big head and we never knew if he'd grace us with his presence. It seems that after a shake-up between KC-5 and their manager, we now have the EMT Expressions (I'm pretty sure that's what they called themselves). With a newly humbled group and some new songs (and a new manager, I'm guessing), not only were they great in their own right, but the African drummers who are now performing with the Fireman, lent their drums to last night's performance. Fantastic. Check out how low Kazambe went for his limbo. Not bad for a man in his 60s.

Once I've worked out and sweated the beer out of my system, I think I'm going to entertain myself today by making another batch of goldfish. You'll recall that last time, it was a bit labor intensive, but I'm hoping to improve on that. I also plan to cut back on some of the more fattening ingredients and replace them with some chia-seed gel. The latest fad is eating the very same seeds that give green afros to ceramics. The seeds have been eaten for thousands of years by those who knew how good they were for them. They're packed with fiber, omega-3's, anti-oxidants, and other difficult-to-get vitamins. They regulate blood sugar so your energy levels don't tank throughout the day and keep you hydrated so are considered a wonder-food (it's all the rage for runners right now). Omega-3s and anti-oxidants are good for the brain, and I need all the help I can get. Michael's niece got stuck with bringing us a 3-lb bag all the way from New Jersey and we've been sprinkling the seeds on our cereal in the morning for the past 2 weeks. I also made the gel - which entails seeds + water...

to put some into smoothies.

I'll admit, the goop is not exactly appetizing-looking...The seeds themselves sort of taste like cucumber if you eat them straight up (and can get stuck in your teeth like poppy seeds), but you don't taste them once they're in your food. They soak up whatever flavor of what you team them with and expand, which fills you up, keeps you full longer, and (in gel form) can take the place of a portion of things like butter, yogurt or cheese. The experiment will be the goldfish today. I have no idea what to expect, but figure it's worth a shot. If it works, I'll try it in more healthy recipes. Stay tuned.

For your TGIF pleasure, I got a kick out of this article about a couple in Israel who got divorced because the woman wouldn't get rid of her 550 cats. I love cats, but 550 of anything is too much.  The now ex-husband complained of being stalked and having dinner swiped from his plate. Can you imagine? My favorite though had to be the comments after the article:

I said 400 was the limit, baby.  

How long before this problem became apparent to her husband? Did he not notice right away? Maybe he spent a lot of long nights at the office? Did he ever sit his wife down and say, "Hey, honey, slow down... maybe we should be happy with the 175 cats we have?"

That's not a reason to leave your wife....551 maybe, but not 550 - that's just not right, right?  

How big was the kitty litter box? About the same size as the house.

And lastly, did they really name a hurricane Bud?  All I can picture is Rudy from The Cosby Show...Buuuuud. Sigh, I miss that show.