Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You See It?

We raced down the island looking for a good spot to watch the sunset and were starting to wonder if we'd have to go to Statia, sheesh.  We found a good roadside spot and then tried not to look at the sun. I did aim the camera at it, hoping maybe it would pick up the little dot, but all I got were some pretty shots of the sun.

While we were waiting there, a couple of people pulled over and pulled out some eclipse glasses from a 1998 eclipse. They shared their glasses, we shared our binoculars and were able to see it - yay!  Unfortunately, even through the binoculars, the photos don't show it.

It sort of looked like this (a photo taken from NYC):



So that was fun. Earlier in the day, I went to checkout the new Les Mains D'Or Pottery Studio & Local Creation Gift Shop (Facebook) in N Frigate Bay.  What a cute place and Darlene, who was in the midst of making all kinds of things, was very friendly. Everything is locally made, by several different artisans, and there is quite a variety of stuff to choose from.

I liked their cards.

They make things by request too, so Darlene has several of these blowfish light fixtures. I want one!

I bought myself some earrings to make myself feel better about the long, hot, uphill walk I had ahead of me to get back home.

Ever wake up and realize you're in a really bad mood? That would be me today. Michael's already been warned and now you... This is going to be one heck of a workout this morning. Hee-yah!!!