Monday, June 18, 2012

The Usual

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We tried the pool for a bit on Saturday, did 1 1/2 hours of Insanity on Sunday (well, I did and no, I'm not buff yet - 3 weeks to go), and then hiked for another two hours in the same spot as last weekend, but with a few different hikers.

Things are deceptively green and clear in these pictures. In fact, now that we're in the rainy season, it's stopped raining and the ever-present haze is still quite prominent all around. I guess it's keeping the temps down a bit, but it's still abnormal.

Our little dog friend gets very excited when he sees us now. He looks kind of scary when you first see him (which I'm sure is the point), but has gotten quite friendly. He was still surrounded by bread (different kinds this time), but you can see that he's pretty healthy. How about that weird contraption that lets him run back and forth?

You can see that our waterfall is just about gone. Rain! We need rain!

Of all the people to take a phone call on this journey, none of us would have suspected that it'd be Popcorn.

We gave him a very hard time about it and left him. Well, all of us but ever-loyal Betsy.

It turns out it was Peter's daughter, and it was Father's Day, so guess we'll have to give him a break. We got kind of close to this old sugar mill chimney and were surprised at how intricate the thing really is. There are larger stones on the outside with another circular tube inside with smaller stones or bricks. No obvious mortar - just intricate rock laying. And a garnish at the top.

There were quite a few farmers out for a change, one with some fantastic looking watermelons that were in perfect shape for eating. They offered us one, but they're a bit heavy to carry when you're hiking. We passed the usual rotting tomatoes, pumpkin, and cabbage though. The farmers would rather let their produce rot than sell it a discount. Head shake....

This is always the best part. We're done!

Then it was time for the beach. It was probably wider than it's been in months. The ocean was gently lapping at the edge.

Everything was so quiet. I had seen that the water temps were up to 83°F/28°C and could tell it after a toe dip in the water too. Summer is here people - I went all the way in! There would be a picture of this important annual ritual, but Michael had gone off to get something and got himself stuck. I hate it when that happens.

It turns out the 4-wheel drive in the umpteenth vehicle we've had while playing musical cars doesn't work. The joy of island cars...why we only have one.

So another weekend passes. Next weekend involves hashing and disco dancing. We have been reveling in our recent food purchases and were not at all disappointed in the "chicken" strips we had with rice and veggies the other night. We will be hoarding the remaining bags, but have lots of other goodies to try out.

If any of you readers have any recent input about Panama, please give us a shout out. We're looking at taking a vacation there (the first one we've taken in 6+ years --  if you don't count sailing a boat down the Caribbean for 3 years a vacation -- that doesn't entail necessities shopping) and googling only takes you so far. Thanks.

Quick Note: Anyone traveling or living here on July 11th, note that that day has just been declared a public holiday. Why? Because the Ministry of Sports wants everyone to attend the W Indies vs New Zealand cricket match. Really. So all island businesses that had every intention of operating normally on a Wednesday will now have to pay their employees double time if they don't want to shut down for the day. I know going to see cricket will not be the same without our friend, Steve and his beer song (he's back in Canada), but if Michael's off, we might attend.