Saturday, July 14, 2012

2 Months of Insanity

So, I've reached two milestones: this is my 500th post since starting Island Babble; and I finished the Insanity workout program - about 10 weeks (1 to 1 1/2 hours/day). I"m not sure which was harder. Now, I will most likely never post pictures like this of myself again, but I told Heather that if I ever did a push-up and didn't have a stomach pooch hanging down while I was doing it (and boy did I), I'd post it. And Chris (my cousin in Illinois), this one is for you - you can do it!

I was unable to write this without it sounding like an infomercial, so picture me with one of those microphone head-sets on... I ended up immersing myself in this workout-from-hell because my regular exercise routine didn't seem to be cutting it anymore. Unable to afford a gym, I've been running about 35-40 miles/week and doing a few squats, ab exercises, and some light weight lifting at home, but, frustratingly, I was starting to get very jiggly and seemed to have no strength. That area around the waist/hips I've never really had a problem with in the past was thickening and my wardrobe choices (not exactly extensive) were starting to get sparse as I outgrew all my bottoms. I think it's fair to say that me and my underwear were not on friendly terms. A local friend told me about the Insanity program, I got my hands on it, and off I went.

After - Showing Off


The change is subtle, but the fact that my shorts and underwear fit again and that I ran two 8 1/2-minute miles + two more at 9 today (I normally run four 10-minute miles) confirms that I've gotten leaner and stronger. White girls can jump - right outta the picture!

Check out the sweat creep during my last workout.

Seriously, I'm like a waterfall when it's all over. I've never drank so much water during a workout (but lack of a/c is probably a part of that) - and that's what I'm doing in that last shot. Glug. Glug.

My coach (you'll remember he has a towel, and foot, fetish). I have to put that ancient towel on the monitor because I fling sweat everywhere. Gross.

The wiggle in my stomach is mostly gone, but my lower back and buttocks are having a harder time of it. They were the weakest going into this process and will probably take another month before they catch-up with the rest of my body. I still struggle with the workouts, but the younger whipper-snappers do on the DVDs too. I wanted to be healthy and look athletic (not thin), so I think I'm about there. I don't think that's too bad for 46.

Do I recommend this craziness? Only if you're extremely disciplined, not easily discouraged (I definitely had my moments; still do), have lots of room to maneuver, and want it badly enough. I wanted it....  Now I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it into future routines - with runs, hill interval training, hiking, etc. I'm experimenting now, but find I'm having a great first workout and then am fatigued for a few days afterwards. I suppose time and fortitude will take care of that eventually. Let's see if I'm looking back on this in a few years (months?) and remembering the good ol' days...I'll enjoy it for now though. Your turn Chris - are you insane enough?!