Monday, July 9, 2012

A Guest

We have a visitor and I kept waiting for something major to tell you about our activities, but we've all been so low-key that I pretty much got nothin'. It is interesting how I met our guest, Robyn, though. We know a couple that read Island Babble and hash, and they travel between St. Kitts and Belize throughout the year. On one such plane trip, they got to talking to Robyn, who's an editor, about how they knew someone who had just been published (me). Robyn contacted me and we've been emailing ever since. She has sold everything she owns too and now travels whenever and wherever she wants working in various exotic locale's from her computer, so is right up our alley. And now she's here!  And she brought goodies!  Trader Joes (from NYC, no less) - sigh.

The magazines are as good as gold here and I'm quite giddy about them. Apparently so are the cats. Robyn runs in lots of races, so we met up Saturday morning for a 6 mile loop to/from the airport. A drenching, some might say refreshing, rain shower gave her the complete initiation into Caribbean running.
Later, we drove all the way up to Sandy Point because they were supposed to be having an agricultural fair thingy with $2 produce. After driving through town 4 times and asking directions to no avail, we finally gave up and headed back down the coast. We happened to see our old boat and while the rear was changed to its new name Sea Bees, the old name, Jacumba was still nice and big on the hulls, so we're thinking they didn't know about the Voodoo is Real rule from A Sail of Two Idiots...

We took pictures of the fort, which you can see in the foreground of the catamaran photo and then headed for Romney Manor to see if there was anything in Caribelle Batik Robyn might like to buy as a souvenir, but they were closed. An archeological dig that was suppose to be going on, didn't seem to be happening either. Ok, two for two - well, we can at least wander the grounds.

Robyn and Renee taking photos...

Next up was ice cream. Robyn must (yes, must) try the local frozen yogurt or ice cream wherever she visits, so we headed to Independence Square for some iQueens non-dairy, locally made, delicious frozen fare. And the truck was all locked up. Three strikes and we're out. Sheesh. Fine, we'll go to the supermarket then (not for the ice cream). As an Island Babble reader, Robyn knows about our complaints about the produce here. She didn't hesitate to take this photo of me holding up this pineapple next to a sign that read $14.95. $6US for a pineapple that was barely bigger than my fist. Truly ridiculous (they grow it here, for Pete's sake).

Sunday looked like it may be trouble too when we saw all this sargassum seaweed coming in again. Yuck!


Steve was nice enough to invite us to enjoy The Pavilion to keep us off the beach, and we were not going to say no to that. Finally, paradise.

Once we had our fill of that, we headed to Shipwreck just to show Robyn a popular Sunday hangout for many.  And, of course, to ensure she saw a few monkeys.

We also enjoyed watching this guy who was obsessed with his braids - as you can see they came all the way down to his knees. He was swinging them around, draping them over unsuspecting swimmers, and then falling off the swim platform with a big slash. Over and over...

Odd.  And that about sums it up. You'll note that I talked about feeling like a change was a-comin'.  Well, an unwelcome, but not exactly unexpected, development has been thrust upon us. So, like many (all?), we're not sure what our future holds. Let's hope it's good!

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