Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yay for Hash Day

The week did not get better...While access to the abode I was supposed to be staying at had been re-established, the place had no water the final two days and the kitty disappeared (and is still missing).  Of course, we've had two nights and one day of not just rain, but thunderstorms and lightning. Sigh.

I feel terrible about the missing furball and had to come home today and give my kitty a hug. Boo. I would have eaten out of stress, but here were my choices at my 2nd home for the week:

Yuck. The good news is that the weary traveler has returned. I can only hope that his kitty does too. I kept the dog alive at least...   In our own home, we got to say bye bye to the living room furniture we borrowed. Good bye to the tv hutch, dining room table, desk, and coffee table (and soon to the friends it all belonged to).  Can you say, echo...echo....echo...echo?

Good thing we bought those couches a while ago. Our property manager grew concerned when they saw stuff leaving our apartment, but we were able to reassure them we were staying put...for now.  We grabbed the two nightstands from the borrowed bedroom furniture (belonging to someone else) and brought in our outdoor, rusty table. I think we recovered well enough.

We have more things than I thought, so if we head back to the States, will need to sell it all. Speaking of which, we're still in waiting mode on the Key West job. All of this has been a real drain, so I must say that Michael & I both were very, very, very, very happy to head for the hash in Sandy Point yesterday. When all else fails, hike. Now I have to say, it wasn't looking too promising weather-wise. Michael even donned his swim trunks to hash in, just in case.

But it did clear up. Thank you. So check this out - Michael's been wounded! Did he scramble down a slippery ghaut and impale himself? No, he was transferring a cooler to Heather at the airport and slipped into the deep rain run-off gutter that runs along the side of the street. Duh.

Once we picked up our passenger, we all had to make a mad dash to the hash which was all the way on the other side of the island. We made it with 10 minutes to spare. Popcorn had to change though.

He told me he's taking a pi** in that picture. I believe him. This entire ensemble is brand-spanking new. Including the shoes. The laces even match the t-shirt. You long-time readers or hashers know what that means...

Mr. X had to change too and realized his socks were too small. On they went anyway.

And then we were off. For the first half of the hike, we were pretty much on the Mt. Liamuiga trail to the crater.  I thought it would be really muddy after all this rain, but it was surprisingly pleasant. Yes, we are walking all the way to that mountain...and then up.

Do we want what's behind gate #1 or gate #2? We took the one on the left. Welcome....

And then we were in the rain forest. There were lots of ropes to help the not so sure-footed, but we really didn't need them. The trail was nicely manicured. And steep.

This is right in the backyard of a development going up called Kittitian Hill. The places are cute, but not practical as anything other than short-visit vacation homes. It's basically just one of many projects (Michael's former one included) to get an easy Kittitian passport.

You can see that this dratted haze is back. It's there this morning too.  That's Statia in the mist. Off to its right, you can sort of see Saba too.

David & I ran a lot of the downhill/flat back and were surprised to find we were the first ones back. Excellent! It's not a race, but some of us can't help ourselves. The best part was the watermelon a new hasher had brought to share with everyone. It was delicious. Thanks to all this rain and our begin/end location on a grassy playing field, there were tons of gnats. In our teeth, up our nose, stuck to our skin. This is after he wiped the first batch off.

Luckily, by the time the usual after-hash festivities started, the bugs had gone to bed. Or maybe by then they were all just glued to everyone's bodies and in everybody's orifices. Anywho...Incredibly, Michael ended up with another boo boo that looked just like the one he got earlier on his other palm. How weird. 

Even stranger, was when Giavanni came back with the same thing. It was almost like a stigmata break-out.  Heather had a bum knee, others had scratches. Good times. I think Big Sexy & I earned this.

You knew this was coming. He didn't spill a drop.

And then it was time to christen our departing hashers with their new hash names. If they ever hash again, anywhere in the world, they should now go by these names. Of course, Kat had already been retitled Carib Kat last year.

First up. Molly who for all hash purposes is now Monkey Moll because she climbs and swings from just about everything.  

Next? Ella or Elluvaway.  She's always saying it's a heck of a long walk, hill, heck of a lot of drinking going on, etc. The problem is I'm not sure she's allowed to say her own name.


Nat is Cock Eye'd Slimy.  The Slimy is because he's named a drink he makes Limey something or other. The rest is obvious.

Their last St. Kitts hash. Sigh. The next one up is in Nevis - starting with a catamaran trip to get us over there, so that should really be a good time. I think I'm starting to feel human again.