Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon

For people who don't have a lot of stuff, we sure do have a lot of stuff. Yesterday, we went to Sandy Bank despite the overcast skies to give ourselves a change of scenery. We were having quite a nice time with just the 3 of us, Heather was there too, when these people plopped their stuff down not even 25 feet from where we were sitting. 

Seriously, why do people do that? There was a completely empty, looooong beach in both directions and they had to be right on top of us.

We noticed this tendency to nestle when we were sailing too. So much so that it earned its own lesson in Idiots.

LESSON 64: BIRDS OF A FEATHER . . .    Some boaters like to stick together . . . really close together. Many boaters find safety in numbers. I cannot tell you how often we anchored somewhere off the beaten path only to watch another boat turn toward us. Then, because the holding was obviously good in our spot, they would plop right on top of us. (Americans tend to want the most space; the French the least.)

We took that as a hint it was time to leave. Michael wanted some French fries afterwards, so we hit Shipwreck for a quickie. They used to have the best fries in the island, but the last few times they've been kind of greasy; I don't think their oil is hot enough. What has improved is their Sunday afternoon entertainment. I'm not sure who the band is, but they played just the right stuff for a Sunday on the beach.

And the monkeys...there was a really large troupe there, including one mama with a baby clasped to her belly.


We're really going to miss these guys. I noticed a photo of a local holding a shotgun and a dead monkey on Facebook the other day. Unless it was attacking me, I just can't imagine ignoring their human characteristics enough to shoot and eat these things.  Especially when I have other options at the grocery store.

I love wildlife. When we lived in AZ, we had wild pigs (from the rat family really) called javelinas that would come through and tear up our plants. We had rabbits, coyotes, tarantulas, bobcats, rattle snakes, humming birds and even a couple of bears. I just loved it and could look out my home office, completely encased in glass, all day and never tire of the life surrounding us. I have to admit, I didn't get a lot of work done that way though. Here it's been mongoose, monkeys, centipedes, and white egrets. I guess in Florida it'll be manatees, iguanas, 6-toed cats,  ospreys, and even some bald eagles. Despite how small Key West is, it has a wildlife refuge there, so I'm excited to visit there.

We haven't had lot of time to research where we're headed as we're still immersed in where we're leaving. This week, we hope to sell the living room furniture, box up and send off most of our stuff, and wind things down on this end. That'll allow Michael to enjoy his week of unemployment and give us a chance to organize things on the other end.