Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dud (for us)

We got squat. Truly squat.  That "vortex" held the entire night and we got very little rain. It definitely got gusty about 9pm, which knocked our power out (again) for about an hour, but that was it. St. Kitts just sat in the middle of a big mess of rain and stayed in the clear. Cool.

For those of you who wonder why the heck power goes out just because we get a gust of wind, here's what SKELEC posted on Facebook last night after getting reamed out after the umpteenth power outage this week:

"90% of our grid is overhead. By that we have high and low voltage wires overhead. When there is high winds the lines in close proximity to each other can touch or come in close contact with each other. That can lead to outages, fluctuations etc."

Surely, there's something short of burying all the lines that can be done to stop that (isn't that what those orange plastic balls you see on the lines in some places are for?). The cost to customers in ruined rechargeable batteries (e.g., laptop) because of the power fluctuations, the ruined appliances/pool pumps when the current spikes upon its return, the loss of business when customers can't be served, and the power used by our fridges and other energy-users when they have to ramp back up again, is disturbing. The darkness also gives criminals more opportunity to do their thing. There are rumors that someone's building a solar panel plant here. Do we get a discount? There are also rumors that the electric company is going to increase rates again. That just might lead the people into a protest in the streets (again). That and/or a VAT increase would likely be the final straw for a lot of people, particularly business owners. Don'

Next up is TS Florence, which is currently predicted to do a psyche-out - get stronger, head our way, and then peter out and pass over/near/north of us as a tropical wave. Time will tell.

We have a few showers this early morning, but that happens just about every morning lately. I hear the sea crashing on-shore, so I'm guessing we have a swell, but hopefully it'll die down for our sailing activities later. Let's see, where are our sea-sickness pills?