Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hashing in Nevis

Another fun day in Nevis yesterday, with another group of goofballs. This time we boarded the Irie Lime for a sail over to Nevis with about 70 hashers. We were supposed to meet at 12:30 and leave by 1....Mr. X called at 12:20 and said he had just woken up and was on his way. Apparently he takes longer to get ready than I do, because he didn't show until about quarter after 1. Wearing this...I thanked him for wearing underwear.

Here's the thing, I have pictures of him wearing these shorts that go back 14 years...and I think they go back even farther than that. Scary.

Dame Carl(a) left the boat for some reason and didn't come back until after 1:30. Can you say island time? Finally we took off and Michael & I were quite happy to have taken some sea-sickness pills. Four others would wish they had....

Look who's already at the bar.

Once underway Jail Bait and Bull Bait were happy to serve up some beverages.

I couldn't believe people were drinking before the hike, but then I remembered the Hash House Harriers' motto is that we're "drinkers with a running problem," so was this really that surprising? The ride wasn't that bad, but it was swelly enough on the way over that I made sure I stayed in the front and in the wind. And then we were there.

It turns out the hares didn't actually mark the trail, which meant it would be a live hash. Meaning the hounds have to stick with the hares or risk losing them. This bunch is a really hard group to keep together in the best of conditions, so this concept didn't exactly work. A few hashers took off for Culturama events, stopped at bars along the way, or were just plain slow, so our walking hare had to keep going back to look for them, which left those of us in the front without any guidance. We followed some general instructions and just kind of made it up as we went along. It wasn't the most scenic hash we've ever done, so I didn't take that many photos (and Michael's brand new camera still isn't working - first it wouldn't stay on, now it has the white screen of death...Panasonic says to send it in...grrrr).

We enjoyed a little greenery with some peek-a-boo moments.

At one point, orange petals from the Flamboyant tree carpeted the trail - how romantic.

We went past the new, pretty performing arts center,

through neighborhoods with cute, tiny little houses,

into town and onto the rocky coastline,

before reaching Pinney's beach and plodding back toward the starting point.

Even the runners got a bit lost, but eventually pulled it together, passing us (Mr. X on the hare's tail).

Time to lime.

The usual ceremonies were held afterwards, with a # of people getting called out, including this one for being a little too funkadelic.

And these two who did a down-down first. They don't do beer, only hard liquor. No problem - here are some shots then. Down the hatch!

That had to be the shortest guzzle ever - we didn't even get to sing "Why are we waiting....?"

The last one was a nasty one for the 4 who went to Culturama events and then came back in a vehicle, no less. Even the man who gave them a lift, and who was not a hasher, was down on the ground (far left).

We truly are nuts. I think it's time to get our butts back on the boat and let Nevis return to its quiet self.

The trip back was a hoot with some Michael Jackson action,

some pole dancing (always scary),

and lots of group dancing, like the Macarena, Follow de Leader (which turned into a conga line - Hands up!!), the Dollar Wine, and a bunch of others. Soca too.

Hey - is that Michael behind the bar again? I think he's found his new career.

Speaking of which, we will be making a decision tomorrow (Monday) on what we're doing, so the suspense will soon be over. We're savoring every moment. We've got lots of beach time coming up with a two-day holiday upon us, and since TS Florence looks like it'll go north of here, we'll avoid any weather-related drama in the short-term. On! On!