Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hurricanes and Reviews

I got fantastic news at 5:30 this morning.  Kitty is back!!! You'll recall that I was cat and dog sitting in mid-July and the cat went missing. It never came back. Although she was an outdoor cat and she'd gone missing before, she slept inside at night and was a hardy eater, so I knew she wouldn't have gone voluntarily for such a long time. We debated whether she'd been picked up by a hawk that has made a pass at her before (she's tiny) or if she got stuck somewhere, like in someone's garage or something, but I had pretty much given up that we'd ever see her again. She'd been gone since July 17th. I felt terrible.  Well, she's back!!!!  Yippee!!!!  She was very hungry and thirsty, but even more excited to see her doggy mate and person (and vice versa - the excited part). It was quite a reunion. I just want to cry for joy. I am so going over there later and giving her a hug. Yay!

And not a moment too soon...our storm was upgraded to Tropical Depression 5 and then to Tropical Storm Ernesto by this afternoon. Watches and warnings are in effect from Guadeloupe (70 miles south of Nevis) down to Grenada. Winds have gone from 35mph up to 50mph with higher gusts and the system is still moving rather quickly at 21mph. It looks like St. Lucia/Martinique/Barbados will see the brunt of it early Friday morning, but anything can change between now and then. If we get anything out of it, it'll be mid-Friday/Saturday. Seas in our area were originally predicted to be 9 feet at their highest, but now one forecast is for over 12 feet/3.8 meters (by early Saturday) with winds of up to 35mph (31 knots), which I'm guessing will lead to a cancellation of our Nevis trip. Hrmph. We'll see. As usual various sources don't match, which is why I'm glad I'm no longer living on a boat in the middle of a hurricane zone....

Speaking of which...let's see who's talking about A Sail of Two Idiots now...Caribbean Compass!

Hopefully you can open that (I have mixed results). Their August edition gave me a pleasant write-up (pg. 32) and I'll do the same for them. If you live in the Caribbean or are interested in it, Caribbean Compass is a fun magazine and available for free online or via paper for those of us with cruddy internet connections. And no, you don't have to be a boater to appreciate the articles. I thank them for their support over the years and for their review.

I also got two more photos from my Idiot fans, so I wanted to give them a shout out too - Thanks Jill & Rachael! Look at all these idiots, I mean fans!

Do I have your photo?

If you haven't read the book yet, get a signed copy before we end up off-island! I've still got copies to sell and Shipwreck and Reggae Beach Bar & Grill have some too.