Friday, August 24, 2012

Irritating Isaac

NCE 411
About 4pm, right when businesses were getting ready for hungry diners, the winds kicked in and it started pouring. Most businesses decided screw it and stayed closed. Some areas got more rain overnight than others, but we seem to be in the clear this morning. Old Bay road reportedly got walloped pretty good by yesterday's storm surge and flooded out - the problem when a main road skirts the coast.

I can still hear the surf smashing into the coast, so I guess the swell continues. I'll see if there's anything left of The Strip's beach later.

This weekend, while we sit on our camping chairs and sleep on a borrowed air mattress talking because we have no tv, we will have to start making a plan B for next week, as there is now talk about evacuating the Keys. You know, our next destination. Sigh (your bangs or bushy eyebrows should blow back I took such a huge breath).