Monday, August 27, 2012


We woke up at 2:30 this morning and started cleaning the rest of the house for our 10am walk-thru. We did a whole bunch of other stuff and then stood in line to use a kiosk at the un-airconditioned St. Kitts airport to get a boarding ticket allowing us to stand in another line to check in the cats and 5 bags (including a cooler of frozen food). We then stood in line at immigration and security before boarding our flight and had to take the cats out of the bags to walk through the x-ray thingy. The flight was late leaving because there were a bunch of carry-ons that wouldn't fit in the overhead bins and the owners wouldn't give them up. The flight was lovely - Jack was great and I heard Zura was too (I was in the front of the plane and Michael was in the very, very back).

We then circled the Miami airport because the plane had too much fuel and then waited 15 minutes because another plane was at our gate. I then stood on the side waiting for Michael & Zura to be the last living things to leave the plane. We then stood in line at immigration, stood in line to retrieve our luggage, stood in line to go through customs, stood in line to confirm that our Key West flight was on time, stood in line to rebook our luggage, stood in line to go through security again, had both cats bomb tested (I'm not kidding - first we had to take them out of the bags again and then they pulled us over to the side to do some stupid bomb test - to both distraught cats), and then we ran the 15 minutes to the gate. I sh** you not. We missed our flight by 10 minutes. We landed at 7:30 and we missed our 8:45 flight because it took that long to get through the Miami airport. We then stood in line to confirm our luggage didn't make it on the plane either and were told we couldn't get it back though because it was locked up. So the food we paid $40 to bring with us is rotting in a container over night. We were credited a room at a hotel and then waited 30 minutes for the shuttle which took 20 minutes to get to the hotel. We got to the hotel at 10:30pm and stood in line to check in. That's right, we put the cats in their containers at 12:30pm and couldn't remove them until 10:30pm. Of course, we have no food and no kitty litter. And all our luggage is locked up, so we have no clothes, no toothbrushes...... And we get to wake up at 4:30am, lock the cats up again for a 5am shuttle for an 8:45am flight because Miami's airport is the size of Nevis and the agents are scared we've stuffed explosives up our pet's asses and they also like to flirt with pretty girls with pink suitcases while the rest of us stare at our watches.

No, neither of us are in very good moods and the cats aren't too happy either. Wait til we go to stuff them in the bags again tomorrow.  Is this humane? For any of us?? And it gets worse. I have no makeup for tomorrow. Is that humane? For me? For those that have to look at me?!