Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

We're here! We went through the same security b.s. as the day before, only this time they didn't let us put the cats back in their carriers before doing all their stupidity so we got to terrorize them a little longer this time. All four of us sat shivering in the Miami airport for 3 hours prior to our flight, but eventually off we went and jumped up and down in jubilation when our luggage showed up. We have not opened up that cooler yet...

Michael's new boss/partner picked us up, gave us a quickie tour of the island so we understood what the neighborhoods looked like. We are now in a really cute bed & breakfast in Old Town. I took a shower with more water pressure than I've had in 7 years and was quite happy to brush my teeth and change my underwear. We're exhausted but want to set some appointments up with some apartment rental companies. Jack is already out and about and adjusting to all this craziness. Zura is not talking to us.  Will post pics later. We're off to a vegan restaurant...because we can.