Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whine, Whaa, Gripe

Things are coming together waaay to slowly for my liking. We need a place to live......

I am most definitely in the land of the living then.
Luckily, we've had a few fun things to do in the midst of all the turmoil. Our good-bye gatherings continue and we had a good time with a small group at Star Chinese Tuesday night. I'm going to miss these people. Sniffle.Crying Into Tissue

Did you notice Michael & I have had our hairs cut? That was my first professional cut in 2 years. It was probably well overdue.

Wednesday morning, Michael woke up to a flat tire and a missing tire-change kit. Good Morning, Mikey! Three....more....days....(2 now).

I helped set my last St. Kitts hash with Popcorn, Pat & Mandy (since the shipping boxes we need are still not here). This one will be in the Bayford's area, the same place we've been hiking on various Sundays. We got a general idea of where we wanted to go, but will have to go back next Friday (the hash is the 25th) and actually mark things.

and then Michael & I had a nice dinner with a couple I hadn't seen in months. We ended up at Ciao's (you'll remember we had fun last time we went too). Michael & I went early just to catch up on our day and found ourselves tearing up every once in awhile as it started sinking in that we were really leaving. Sniffle. Crying Into TissueWe blew our noses, came inside, and Dario and Ilde treated us like family once again. We ate and drank so much I am still stuffed this morning. I don't know how these two were able to eat that huge ice cream within ice cream, covered in ice cream dessert. Oy.

Today (Thursday), I am blissfully not going to eat a darn thing.  The below picture might not look like anything special, but its the first time it's been that clear in months and months. You can see a line of black haze along the horizon, thanks to Montserrat's latest volcano activity, but a bright blue sky has been a rarity lately. Of course, that makes me wonder if our Saharan dust is dissipating, which is not good if you want to avoid hurricane action.  I am going to miss our view. Sniffle.
Crying Into Tissue