Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Guest Post

Ok, people. For those of you who gave me (you know, Renee) a thumbs up (or even begged me) to start a new blog, this one about Key West, I've done it. It's called The Babbling Conch and it took so long to set it up that now I'm too tired to post to it...I created a(n empty) Facebook fan page too.

Everything is a work-in-progress, including the logo, and I'm still a little overwhelmed here, so we'll all have to ease into it. For those of you who voted against the blog's creation, well, you don't have to read it.

I've been cleaning up Island Babble to let it become Ben's very own, although will keep older posts because they're full of info for anyone moving, visiting, or just plain interested in St. Kitts (plus they're on my resume). Info about all the authors is on the About Us page.

Ben - it's all yours going forward! Good luck!