Monday, September 23, 2013

Off to Ohio for a New Addition

A few posts ago I made mention about the new addition that will be joining our Island Babble family around October 7th of this year. We're expecting our first child, a little girl, which is really exciting and the timing falls convienently a day after my birthday.

Our little girl's ultrasound at around 19 weeks
We had to leave St. Kitts and won't be back until December, but I'll continue to write from the U.S. In fact, as I write this post I'm now in NorthEastern Ohio, near Akron. This is where Julie's parents live and where we've decided it would be best for Julie to have our new baby girl. We could've given birth to her in St. Kitts and she would've had dual citizenship, but we decided if anything went wrong we wouldn't have the quality of care offered here in the U.S., not to mention it gives us the opportunity to visit with our families for a few months.

She doesn't like the Paparzzi already.
Everything looks great as far as the pregnancy goes. Right now we just sit and wait and it's pretty quiet, but I think I'll try to enjoy the calm before the storm. I've taken advantage of the extra down time to read some more history books about St. Kitts. I found a book at a small bookstore here in Ohio that was written in 1920. It's called Roaming Through The West Indies, By Harry A. Franck The other book is Caribbean Migrants Environment and Human Survival on St. Kitts and Nevis, By Bonham C. Richardson, 1983:

Since I've found only a limited amount of history about St. Kitts I've tried to dig up as much information as I can by reading and finding books. I'll write a blog about the books very soon. First, I wanted to continue with our trip back to the U.S. for our new addition.

Before we left St. Kitts we ate at one of our favorite restaurants on the island, La Belle Vie. We love their fresh bread and their goat cheese salads. If you haven't been there you must stop in and try a goat cheese salad. Get one as a main course and it's bigger than the appetizer salad. I believe it's $12 dollars, but it's worth every penny.

The Amazing Goat Cheese Salad
I on the other hand decided to get a wonderful fish dish with rice and vegetables. They have specials of $15 U.S. dollars or $20 that are amazing, including a desert with the latter. The atmosphere is ritzy and Caribbean with banana trees surrounding the restaurant and one of the only restaurants that I've been to where the chef, Michelle, the french owner comes out and asks every customer how they enjoyed their meal.

Bon Appetite!

After taking care of some final details at home we were on the daily American Airlines flight to Miami with Kermit, our pet cat in his soft-sided cat carrier in tow.

Kermit's announcement.

The flight was good. The service was nothing like British Airways and you didn't get any food but we survived. I always get a window seat and attempted to figure out which islands we were over when I took these pictures. I'm guessing The Bahamas, but I'm not a hundred percent sure.

Simply Beautiful and Peaceful views from the plane window.

We touched down in Miami and antcipated the usual hour long rigamorole of immigration and customs, but to our delight we must've arrived in between other international flights and had no wait at all when we went through both lines. That's a first!

We overnighted because it's too difficult to attempt to catch a connection to Cleveland at that time of night and it makes for a less stressful trip. We arrived in Cleveland Airport the next day around noon, welcomed by the same cloudy dismal skies that greeted us the last time we were there.

 To the left is a photo of Miami. Ewww, after living in the tiny island of St. Kitts and Nevis I can't imagine living like sardines in a can, as many people in the world do.

 Now we're staying outside of Akron in a small peaceful town called Wadsworth. It's the quintessential small town America, where the streets are wide and shady, the sidewalks are great, and most people know their neighbors. It's great for now and fall or autumn is upon us so the leaves will be changing and temperatures dropping.

Kitties across the street from Julie's parents that they sort of adopted.
A typical Wadsworth street.
Typical Wadsworth homes.

It's true that we did have a little reverse culture shock since we hadn't been back since Decemeber. It's much busier here than in St. Kitts and the most common thing for me to do is to start comparing. Both places have their ups and their downs.

I took some pictures of random scenery in Ohio and Pennsylvania, while I was visiting my parents and made some comparisons in my mind:

A backroad near my parents house in Pennsylvania. Corn fields line both sides.

A soybean field along the interstate in Ohio.

A typical backroad in Pennsylvania.

A Pennsylvania Bull

Such beautiful cattle. Agriculture is huge in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
So as I mentioned above we should have a new addition to the family in the next few weeks and I'll be sure to let all of you faithful Island Babble followers know the name and all the new exciting details. We'll be sure to go on some island adventures once we're back. I'll be getting her out in the beautiful outdoors of St. Kitts as soon as safely possible.

For now I'll continue to enjoy the cool weather and the company of great family until the stork brings us our new squishy (That's her nickname). Stay tuned.