Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Season in The U.S.

I don't find it as exciting to write about what's going on here in Ohio as it is in St. Kitts, but it is my favorite season of the year. Clara decided to arrive at the perfect time of the year for us. We managed to be here for the Autumn season and we're spared from the stifling heat of October in St. Kitts.The leaves are changing rapidly, the weather is cooler, although just a week ago we had temperatures in the 70s, and everyone is gearing up for the upcoming holidays.

Life has been like a whirlwind recently since our new daughter, Clara has arrived. Most people say that time goes faster as you get older and it moves in decades instead of years once you have children. I can see why they say this. Clara turned 4 weeks old on Sunday and already is the apple of my eye.

She's been a fantastic baby. She doesn't cry much and sleeps a lot. She even sleeps throughout most of the night, only waking to be fed about two to three times a night. From what I hear from other parents, that's about all we can ask for. She's such a beautiful little girl and I believe she got the best parts of both her mom and I, at least I hope.It's an excitement every day to wake up and know she's here ready to experience a new day. (I personally call this the "puppy effect", where you wake up happy to have a new day just to simply have fun, be alive, and I attribute it to the feeling you get on Christmas morning as a kid.)

I could go forever about our precious Clara so I won't. I'll throw up a few pictures of some of our small adventures here in Ohio though.

Recently Julie and I took her to the local park here in Wadsworth with Clara in her baby carrier. She loves to be outside and active. (I think she gets this from both of us)

She also loves taking walks in her stroller.

Julie taking Clara for a walk.
This stroller is awesome. It's light, easy to push, has suspension, and will even go off-road. How do I know this? Well because we had to get a little mud on the tires when we visited a nearby pumpkin farm.

Bundled up at the pumpkin farm.
Clara's Uncle Jay and his girlfriend from Colorado, Clara's Aunt Jennifer and her husband from Chicago, and a whole bunch of her other relatives came out to see her for the weekend just recently. I thought since Halloween was coming up that we should head to Nickajack Pumpkin Farm and Corn maze nearby. So that's what we did.

I realize that in St. Kitts Halloween isn't a very big holiday but in the U.S. it's huge. It's over commercialized like all the holidays are anymore, but it's still great fun for the kids. For example, According to, Americans spend over 7 Billion dollars every Halloween and 2.6 Billion of that is on costumes. Wow! This website has some cool graphs on it if you're interested. Some people decorate their entire houses with lights and scary stuff. I personally like the inflatables, but some people just feel like popping them I guess.

I mean look at this house! Pretty cool. Photo Courtesy:

Anyways, we did buy candy to pass out to children and 2 pumpkins, but we didn't even carve them. We did have a blast at the pumpkin farm though. Julie and I thought about dressing Clara up in her pumpkin costume that I bought her, but we thought people might wonder why we were getting candy when she can't even eat it. I thought it would've been a great way for us to get candy but a nasty rain storm dampened that plan.

Remember that stroller? Check it out in action in the corn maze.

This pumpkin farm had everything. Corn cob guns, wagon rides, a petting zoo, and of course pumpkins!

Pumpkins as far as the eye can see, almost.
We all posed with the camera on an upside down wheelbarrow. It turned out great.

This wasn't the corn maze we went to but another one nearby. I think it's amazing how they can cut designs into the field using gps technology.

It was a great outing and we enjoyed the company of family. I've been out taking lots of pictures lately to show everyone in St. Kitts what an autumn looks like here with our beautiful trees. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and stay tuned for the next blog.

Now look at the tree on the right turning red. Below is the same tree ten days later. At this point it's even brighter red but it's also losing its leaves.

The above picture is one looking at my parents' closest neighbors where I grew up in Pennsylvania. Yep there is a corn field in the front yard. Pretty picture though.