Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Events For November

Hello strangers. Not a lot new here but we are gearing up to head back to St. Kitts in about two weeks. Yeah!! It is getting really cold here and we have had a little bit of snow with more expected this weekend. The temperatures here in Ohio are around 30 degrees so I'm ready for some Caribbean weather.

I'm excited to come back and start writing about St. Kitts again. I've received some flak for writing about my personal life and not about St. Kitts from a few readers. First, I must say that I've tried to remain fairly close to the old author's point of view of developing a relationship with you, the readers and myself. I believe it's easier to read something when you know where the author is coming from and that's what drew me to this blog even before it was mine.

Secondly, having a child, your first child is an amazing event, and I feel it is a whole new life stage. For people who don't understand the time and effort it takes and the excitement it brings, I'm sorry but she comes first. I will not sacrifice time with her for reader's opinions as to what and how often I write. My new child is of primary importance to me so if she may occasionally be a centerpiece of a post then don't be surprised. I am a new writer and you will get a new perspective and frequency of posts. So please bear with me, read the blog if you wish, and if you don't then that's fine too.

In the meantime I want to highlight a few upcoming events taking place in St. Kitts:

This organization is celebrating it's ten year anniversary and it has done an amazing job at helping to preserve sea turtles and sea life in St. Kitts during that decade. Please support them for this and all future events.

The second event is another Hash Run. It's been forever since I've been to a hash, but don't let that stop you from attending. People always ask me what a Hash Run is and the best answer to that question is to seek it out for yourself. It is a group of diverse people from all over St. Kitts who get together every third Saturday of the month and hike or run on a pre-planned route. Sometimes there is a silly dress up theme too.

After the hash there is always an initiation to welcome the new hashers. This in itself is worth going to watch. After this tradition, there are always hot dogs, sometimes hamburgers, and always beer available for purchase. Every Christmas the organizers hold a dinner that requires a small fee and proceeds collected throughout the year help to buy Christmas gifts for attending children.

The description is "A drinking club for people with a running problem." Don't worry though you don't have to drink to attend, in fact if you just want to hike or run and avoid the often silly but fun ceremony you can always leave before it starts, but I don't recommend that.

It's a fantastic way to see the island, meet people from all over St. Kitts, and spend a Saturday. So whether you're a visitor to the island, a long-time resident, or just curious you should come see what the hash runs are all about. I guarantee you'll have fun. Your next chance is this Saturday and here are the details. Check out their facebook page to keep up with the hash schedule: Hash House Harriers

Date: This coming Saturday November 23, 2013

Time: 3:30 PM

Venue:  Middle Island

How to get there:  Take the island main road going west pass Ross U, all the way past Old Road Town. Next village after Old Road is Verchild's which then leads into Middle Island. As you enter Middle Island and just before the Anglican Church (the one with the damaged tower and Sir Thomas Warner's tomb) look for a road on the right. Turn into this road and follow it through some houses and then go up the dirt road between some coconut trees. You will see a cleared area, that's where we park and meet.

Hares; Jail Bait and Company

Now - the next hash after this week's hash will be the Christmas Hash (Dec 14). Food tickets will be on sale at this weeks hash as we need to pre-sell the tickets to assist in determining the numbers for catering purposes. So walk with some extra monies and purchase your tickets. Price is $35 for adults and $20 for children under 12.

If you're really curious about the history of hashing read my post from last year about it: Hash History Post

Finally don't forget to follow our Island Babble Facebook Page for a lot of upcoming events, restaurant specials, and general information about St. Kitts.