Thursday, June 5, 2014

Saturday's Hash Run

Hi Hashers All!

Yes, yes, it's that time again!! - HASHING TIME!

Here my friends, are the details:

When: This coming Saturday June 7, 2014

Time:  3:30 PM

Where? : Ken Kelly's Place, Mattingley Heights

How to get there:  From Basseterre, head west along the island main road, past the Carib Brewery, past Delta Petroleum Gas Station. Look for the only paved turnoff on the right a few hundred yards beyond the gas station, which is the entrance to Mattingley Heights. The entrance is flanked by two golden lion heads on their golden pedestals. Take that road and go STRAIGHT UP TO THE VERY TOP. There you will find the entrance to Ken Kelly's Place, straight ahead. Enter and follow parking instructions.

HaresJail Bait & Blade Runner

So come on out and have a blast - this one should be one to remember!

Don't forget to bring an extra "change" to drop into the contribution box for the "Get Tingley Wingley Walking Again" fund.

Bring a friend or 10!

De Ninja