Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cayon Hash Run

ON! ON! to Hash #324!
Here are the details:
When: This coming Saturday July 19, 2014
Time: 3:30 PM
Where: Just before St.Mary's Park, Cayon
How to get there: Take the island road past the airport and through Conaree and Keys towards Cayon. Before you enter Cayon you will go over Wash Ghaut. Look for a lone big sandbox tree on the right just after a vehicle/mechanic's garage. Take the right turn just after the tree. It's a dirt track just before the concrete wall for St. Mary’s Park. We meet in the open space there.
Bring a friend or 10 and see you there!!
Don't forget we are looking for people to set hashes (Hares). You can get extra attendance credit when you set a hash. Every time you set a hash you will get 2 attendance credits for that hash. So please send me an email (or Heather at or talk to me or Heather at the hash!!
DE Ninja

For those who need more directions here they are with pics.

This map starts at the Airport Roundabout. Take the road before the one to Frigate Bay. Follow this road through Conaree, past the landfill, and through Key’s Village.

After you pass through Key’s village the houses die out and you have a long straightaway. You’ll cross over a small bridge with a huge ghaut underneath, on the right will be a very large car garage. Just past that there will be a huge cement wall the size of a school’s. You turn right before that onto a dirt road. There should be road cones out to designate where the hash is.