Monday, July 28, 2014

Part I: Was In Need of a Break: Nevis Naturally Inspired

Orignally I started this post suggesting I was getting away from the humdrum. I realized this was not an approriate explanation. There is no humdrum in my life at the moment. In all honesty I needed a short getaway. Maybe you're thinking it should not be that difficult to just chill when a person is surrounded by beaches and calm pristine blue ocean. Well if you are not vacationing here, which is awesome might I add, life is a bit different. There are the bills, upkeep and maintenance & work that come along with salt air, wear and tear, and making a living to maintain this most amazing life. We also have a not so pleasant large construction zone right on our doorstep. It comes with a lot of dust & noise. I would not change island living (specifically St Kitts and Nevis) unless absolutely necessary, but I needed a break!

We all need a break, even when living on a beautiful Island. Here on St Kitts some refer to a break as getting off the rock. I happened to be in luck. Getting off the rock to get on another rock was on the horizon. Good friends of ours were visiting Nevis so we hopped over for an overnight stay. All I can say is WOW! 

I felt like this Monkey

On top of the world!

I feel like I have been on a mini vacation every time I go to Nevis . It helps to have friends who make you feel so at home and people you know calling out your name. The best part, if you are a visitor here for just a short while and you love it, you will also be made to feel at home. I know because I did before I moved here. St Kitts and Nevis Life at it's best. Those friends far away join you and those living on Nevis know you even if you live on the other Island, St Kitts.

On Nevis View of St. Kitts

We took the seabridge as foot passengers, a much more cost effective deal if you don't need a car and have your own transport to Majors Bay in St Kitts. 
Helpful hint: If you are just beaching it for the day many of the beach bars and hangouts on Nevis are within walking distance from the Seabridge. It just depends on what you want to do.  
The Sea Bridge is 20EC per person each way. Timewise once you get to Majors Bay you are looking at a 20 minute ferry ride versus 30 to 40 minute one on the ferries from Basseterre to Charlestown. It is a beach to beach transport versus a town to town transport. The choice you make depends on what your vibe is. If you don't have transport to Majors Bay, taxi's will gladly shuttle you out and pick you up upon your return time. If you have a rental car we have left our car at Majors Bay overnight with no issue.

For once the Sea Bridge was pretty much on time. We even had a very large group of over 30 people waiting to go along with more than 12 cars. There was a church ceremony going on so everyone was all dressed in their best. Beautiful to see. Apparently there was some sort of covention going on at the Marriott and they were headed to Nevis for a ceremony. Very warm nice group. 

All in all we managed to leave only a half hour after our slated departure time. No wait.....  I could be very wrong on this, my husband is insisting it was about 12:45 before we left if not 1pm. Now that I think about it I remember being quite ravenous upon our arrival in Nevis so it would have been well after lunch time. 

If I were commuting for work I would be very frustrated, however I was at leisure and we had planned as such. I know quite well from experience the seabridge does not always go when it says it will. When picking up my sailing campers commuting from Nevis via the Seabridge the wait was quite long sometimes.

Island time. So it goes.....Not so much of an asset when you need to be somewhere. We do however live on Island time and each and every one of us gets used to giving excuses for our tardiness. The excuses are usually quite spot on, but maybe not for the Seabridge. Take note you may not leave on time. Plan accordingly. 

Take drinks, snacks and sunblock with you in case of a long wait. If you are prepared thirst, hunger and swealtering boredom will not overtake you. Go in your bathing attire and you may even decide to take a dip in the calm sea at Majors Bay. 

Majors Bay is completely barrenly beautiful just mind the rocks where sea urchins might be habitating. They are not hard to spot or avoid once you know to avoid rocky areas. They only cause issue when you step on them.

Maybe too much information, but important to know. It is also always nice to make sure you have used the loo (bathroom) prior to setting off for the Seabridge departure spots, unless of course you are going for a swim and don't mind relieving yourself in the ocean. No food, drink or loos (bathrooms) available while you wait. 

Once on board the Seabridge only drinks and a dodgy loo are available.  They will not ask you if you want a drink or offer a bathroom, but they have both available upon request.

Majors Bay Departure: View from the Sea Bridge

We decided to take the 12pm Seabridge to give us ample time for our pick up on the other side at 2:30pm. Our friends have twins just two years old so we did not want to risk their timing of things. Children need a bit of a schedule. I know this from ample experience with little ones. We figured we could get in a lunch at Chrishi Beach Club while we waited for our friends. It was always a the place for us when we sailed guests over from Cockleshell Bay.

We hopped off the seabridge and sauntered down the beach to Chrishi Beach Club restaurant. Depending on your stride it is a five minute walk to the right of the seabridge dock looking at Nevis Peak. If you are a sailor then you can rent a hobie cat from Cockleshell Bay, St kitts and sail over within a half hour and spend a day. 

Chrishi Beach Club

Norwegians at their best!

I was a lucky young one to spend three summers in beautiful Norway with family friends. The owners and their children bring back the memories.

Upon arrival at Chrishi Beach I told my husband to remind me to take photos for Island Babble of the food. Wouldn't you know we both forgot. Must of been that fabulous bloody mary I had and his Carib, combined with getting our vacation mode on.

I had a tasty Ceasar Salad just right with Nevis hydroponic lettuce to die for. He had a Ciabata bread sandwich with a pesto spread, brie and parma ham, the lunch special for the day. Can't beat the food there. Fresh, healthy, filling and tasty.

The service is always great and the ambiance, well it speaks for itself.

The walkway in and out of Chrishi lends itself to palms, flowering flamboyants, a tight rope between two palms that many try and a tire swing. Sweet!

We want to know where your mini-vacation spot is? We all have one, or at least I think we all should have one! Share yours here.

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