Saturday, August 2, 2014

Part II Nevis Naturally Inspired

Our day continued on Neivs to Sunshines from Chrishi Beach. Once again I forgot to take photos at Sunshines. I have snatched some from other sites. Links to the respective blogs and websites are below. These are great links about the Caribbean and information on Nevis.


Sunshines is a must do when in Nevis. Their plants and trees are growing creating more shade and an oasis. 
(Photo compliments of Uncommon Caribbean Travel Blog)  

The place is looking snazzy. Fresh paint, gift shop and lounge areas everywhere. Take your pick. 

Pick 1: Under the roofed restaurant area
(Photo Compliments of Ron and Rhian) Check out the site about their Sailing Experience in the Caribbean.

Pick 2 & 3: On the outside deck or at the picnic tables with your toes in the sand.
(Photo Compliments of Ron and Rhian)

or a choice to hang under the shade of the larger trees. 
A swing set is set on the beach for the children to play. 

I took a miss on the killer bees. One of those drinks that you just don't see coming.  They are a bit much for me these days, but I remember them being really tasty.If you haven't had one it is worth a try.
(Fantastic photo of Killer Bees by Explore Nevis)


Fern Hill is a very peaceful area overlooking St Kitts. There are many villa rental options for visitors. The road is a bit bumpy getting up there, but not to the extent that it deters from the beauty once up there. I always find tranquility and peace when surrounded by lush forest. Is is a haven after a day at the beach.


The following day we went to the Hermitage for lunch. The gardens are a photographers dream, an artists muse. Serene atmosphere, nooks and crannies filled with perfectly placed rocks, trees, flowers and more. 
Service in the restaurant came with a smile. 
I can't believe I have been living in St. Kitts for over seven years and had not taken the opportunity to make it to Hermitage sooner. I plan on saving up to stay for a few days. 

New Castle Potters

I have seen ceramic monkey's and pineapples in so many places on St Kitts and Nevis. We decided we should go to visit the artist.

In an effort to buy local we are always looking for ways to integrate local art into our home. New Castle Potters continues the age old tradition of hand built, red clay pottery which they fire over burning coconut husks. 

We decided on pineapples to hang as our outdoor light fixtures. We are waiting on our order to be finished and researching different marine grade lighting options to install behind the pineapples.

Once they are installed I will take some photos. In the meantime enjoy these. If you are interested in your own pieces for your home you can contact New Castle Potters at (869) 469-9746 or visit their cooperative on the Main Road, New Castle Nevis, just past the airport on the right side if headed from town.

Share with us some of your favorite artists on St. Kitts & Nevis. 
I can count eight artists just off the top of my head. 
Glass Work

Coming Soon!
  • In the Know August
  • Animal Welfare for PAWS AND BARC
CULTURAMA GOING ON IN NEVIS NOW! Check out the website for more informaiton. 

The sun is peaking out. Bertha is on her way out. Enjoy the long weekend!