Monday, October 27, 2014

St. Kitts 20th Anniversary Hash

Today's hash started/ended at Romney Manor. It's one of the best backdrops one can have on St. Kitts.

This anniversary hash's theme is "Shipwrecked," and since some people dressed up, the first order of business was to have a strut. The couple behind the leaves is here from Barbados.

The winners.

We had a good crowd, but not as big as normal. It's exam time for the students, and there is actually a lot going on this weekend so people had to choose.

Then we were off. The runners ran; the walkers walked.

A lot of this trail was thankfully in the shade.

We walked along the ruins, as well as the zip line.

Passed someone's home?

It was definitely steep in places, and once again, I realized how out of shape I've gotten (stupid foot fractures!). The runners looked like they'd had a tough one, too.

Luckily, there are plenty of beverages to rehydrate everyone.

Of course, the typical down-downs. Popcorn knew better than to wear new shoes.


As impromptu designated driver, I got to drive the loooong way back to the house in a vehicle larger than I'm used to, on the opposite side of the narrow roads than I'm used to, in the dark. I acted confident, but inside I was screaming just like I was the first time I went through the drawbridge on St. Martin with Jacumba. Oy.

Then we were off to the Shiggidy Shack for dinner. I used to help out there, so it was fun to see the employees that were still there. Again, lots of good food - veggie burger, salad, vegetables, rice & beans (called peas here), and delicious mashed potatoes. Burp. And then karaoke. Bleh. One of the hashers called it Carry-Your-Own-Key and I think that pronunciation fit a few people. Some weren't bad though.

Mr. X and Kimba had to have back up dancers.

There's Ben, your Island Babble blogger for the past couple of years.

The woman from Barbados (who had been dressed in the big leaves for the Shipwrecked costume contest) said she couldn't sing but she had a trick. It involved a condom, 2 of which broke (aack!), and a cigarette.

It was pretty funny. She invited us all to the Barbados 30th hash next year, Nov 12-16, 2015. Hmmm....

Next up - the finale. A catamaran trip to Nevis and a hash that Chris (our host from Wednesday/Thursday) and a couple of fellow hikers volunteered to set. We're pooped!

Renee P.