Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Hash Activities Begin

So Thursday night was the meet and greet for the hash house harriers at Shipwreck. I didn't snap any photos because it was dark and you know what a bunch of people drinking in a bar look like. The food was good (the organizers have made sure there's plenty of vegetarian fare so we don't starve), and it was fun to catch up with some more people we hadn't seen in a while.

Friday, we rented a car. When we're on an island, we want a junker. There are lots of potholes, narrow streets, deep dips, and general craziness on island roads, so you definitely want a car that's seen better days so no one notices if you've got any new scratches or dents. But nooOOoo. We ended up with a brand new car. Talk about paranoia. They did come pick us up to take us to the rental place though, so there's that.

Michael did some work-related stuff, we hit the grocery store (running into more friends), and then just did general things you do when you have a car for a day.  We took a trek to the peninsula, and I took lots of photos to show you what's going on down there, but will save that for a later post. We got back to the house just in time to escape an island shower.

Luckily the rain was long gone when it was time for the rum run, although it was humid enough to make it seem like we'd all been doused. A few people flew in for this hash, some from Barbados, a couple from Trinidad. Once again, we met people we hadn't seen in a long time. Normally the rum runs are done with everyone wearing red dresses and maybe beards. It scares any non-hashers who have no idea what we're doing or why, but it certainly gets everyone's attention. This time we were dressed normally; red is a political color here and elections are coming up, it wasn't worth riling anyone up. Before long it was time for everyone to receive their instructions. We'd be hitting 3 bars.

And then we were off.

Now, I normally walk hashes because I like to see my foot placement, and you can't easily do that on bush/trail runs. This was street running, so I thought I'd go ahead and run it, not thinking about the fact that it was dark. Within 10 minutes, I was running across a grassy patch, and as Michael yelled, "Look out for that stump!" I hit the stump and went down. %$*! We didn't take a picture of it, so I recreated it for you...unconvincingly and rather dramatically. I was fine.

Just as I was realizing how out of shape I was, we were at the first bar.

And then we were off again. Runners get things like false trails, but since this was a live hash (we're running after the hare), we basically got tricked. The hare would get us all to the top of a hill and then yell "false trail" and turn back around. We, the hounds, cursed. We went by the cemetery, over bridges, around monuments...

And then we were at the second bar.

And then we were off again. The third bar was the Rum Barrel, down in Port Zante (sorry for all the Facebook links, but most business here have non-existent or non-working websites). The bar was playing great music. This song was quite popular. By the way, you don't have to be a drinker to hash or participate in rum runs or hashes - I was drinking water at this stop (and even at the meet & greet), plus you've got soda and things like Ting to wet your whistle.

And then we were off again, ending up back where we started (at the old Tennis Club). We ate great food and tortured the visitors with down-down's (we were included in that) and the usual after-hash festivities.

Videos of all this will end up on the St. Kitts HHH Facebook page, and photos will be on SceneStKitts if you want a better feel for these events. They're worldwide and a great way to meet people, so you might consider attending a hash in your neck of the woods. We've tried them in the States and have found that they're not enough about hiking/running. Yes, the official motto is that we're "a drinking club with a running problem," but we actually like the running/walking part. Next up - a normal Saturday hash.

Renee P.