Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Strip

So I thought I'd take a snapshot of things that have changed since we were last here. I know there are a number of you readers who haven't been here awhile either and might find this interesting. Of course, the first place we ended up was The Strip (yes, the map needs to be updated, but I don't remember the password - !!), so we could see what's changed and visit our good friend Mr. X from the Shiggidy Shack.

As you head down to The Strip via the east-end road, there's now a fenced-in business on the right-hand-side with bouncy houses, an above-ground pool, and other things kids might be into (didn't snap a photo of it, sorry).  Once at the end of the road, you can see that the Frigate Bay Beach has really taken a beating. Yikes.

The Sunset Cafe/The Dock still starts The Strip on the east end.

Next up is the Shiggidy Shack. It's still there, but has changed a bit at the entrance.

Across the way, still stands the bar with no name. It still plays Latino music.

Next to Shiggidy is Chinchillas (formerly the Monkey Bar).

Cathy's is still there.

There's a cute little gift shop that was open.

Then comes Vibes (formerly Ziggy's). It was locked up like a fortress but seems to cater to the same people it always does at night, getting pretty busy.

Breeze is still there and under construction, as always.

Patsy's was one of the few open. And they had Diet Coke!

What used to be the Alamo is now the Alimo. I have never seen this bar open, ever.

Same with Lava. I have never seen activity there, but Mr. X tells me even when it's open, you wouldn't know it's open. Weird.

Next up, Pond Sea Caribbean Beach Bar & Grill has replaced Elvis's Love Shack.

Boozie's has taken the place of Family & Friends and seems to get a good expat crowd, considering it's farther down The Strip from where they usually stray.

And then you have the ever-present, Inon's. He's even got a fancy neon sign now.

Buddies is still across the way, and as you head up that west-end street to get to the main street, Bobsy's wings is still plopped there and has been joined by a truck selling juice/smoothies.

It was very quiet during the day - if there are no cruise ships in, there's not much point in opening up for many of the restaurants. Especially in off-season. Nights can get busy, depending on the whims of the locals and visitors. Michael ended up at Vibes last night, which was packed with Latinos celebrating a pre-party for the upcoming Latin Festival.

Nothing much has changed on the street leading to the Marriott. Pizza Boys, Bombay Blues (still delicious), Rituals Sushi, and Rituals coffee shop are all still there. The little Rams supermarket is also still open, but it was not stocked well at all. Last time I was there, I was amazed at how much it had - a lot of it vegetarian to accommodate the Indian students living nearby. Not so this time. It was very disappointing. It's ok in a bind, but we will need a trip to the IGA or Best Buy.

One change, I think of as I drink my morning Diet Coke courtesy of a great friend who brought over 12 last night, is that you can now recycle cans and plastic. You can take that stuff to Admirals, near the airport where the old sugar factory used to be located (off the road between the by-pass road by the airport and the end of Taylor's Range). Ross University also has bins, allowing students to recycle.

You know what doesn't change? The hills. The hills never change.


There is a lot of development going on, which is causing quite a stir (there's even a Facebook page dedicated to their demise or at least improvement), and I'll document that once we get our hands on a car. Here's one going up in Half Moon. These condos are blocking some long-term home owners thanks to the complete disregard for height ordinances. Next to that, where the salt pond is drying up, will be a Koi Resort.

There's a tall building that doesn't fit in down by The Christopher Club/Marriott too. Most people are for progress, but screwing over owners of older buildings who stuck to the original height restrictions or ignoring environmental impact is rather disappointing. Sigh. Well, more on that later.

Next up, we're taking a trip to Nevis, so let's see what's happening over there, shall we?

Renee P.