Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrap Up in Nevis

The final day of hash festivities was a catamaran trip to/from Nevis, hash, food, and games. We had a good crowd of about 75 people.

It was a nice smooth ride on the Spirit of St. Kitts. It was the first time we'd been on that particular boat.

It looked like it was pouring on Nevis, but the rain must have been in the cut between the two islands. It was nice and clear upon arrival.

Mr. X and those stupid, ancient 1980s shorts. We want to steal them sometime and burn them.

The hike itself was perfect. It included some hills, some ruins, some views, and was just the right length. Great job to the 2 hash-setting virgins on Nevis (Chris & Nessa).  I really liked the fact that we could go inside the ruins, too.

Some rare upper-strength activity with ropes.

And then we were back to Pinney's Beach. Either end shots.

Cheers to Chris, photo bombing, for her part in setting the trail.

We ended up 3 for 4 on the food. When Michael asked what the vegetarian option was, the guy responded "fish." Um, when did fish become a vegetable? That left some salad and garlic bread (made on hotdog buns). We passed. Others ate though.

Some soaked.

And then it was game time. Soak the towel, run it up the line, wring it out, fill bucket.

Losers get soaked!

Then the old spin around the stick, run dizzy, drink a beer without using your hands, run back game.


Ah, good times.

Neat clouds over St. Kitts.

Always a great sunset.

A beautiful return too.

I liked this shot that included the moon sliver.

Some of us stayed awake.

Some of us had gone to Sunshines and had too much rum punch.

The danger of taking a nap around people like us.

And then we were back. We hitched a ride (thanks Sue!) and rushed over to the Latin Festival, with it having about 1 1/2 hours left. This event has really become a big deal. It was almost like watching a concert at Warner stadium. I kind of liked it when it was smaller and at Spice Mill, but that's progress for you.

We ran into more people we hadn't seen for awhile, and all wanted to hug us and take pictures, but I felt too scummy. Itching and hungry, I had a nice walk home that was punctuated by fireworks.

There! We survived the 20th Anniversary hash. As mentioned before, if you're looking for yourself in pictures with more expensive cameras or just can't get enough, check SceneStKitts or the SKN hash Facebook page. If they had as many photos as I had to wade through, it could take awhile though.

Michael went back to the U.S. today - boo. It felt a bit like he was just leaving for vacation, and that I'd be seeing him return soon. He didn't even have a moment to lie on the beach while he was here! Things will quiet down a bit on Island Babble now, so you email subscribers will get a break. Ben/Heidi might throw in their two cents on what they've been up to, too, since they may also have experienced something they deem worth sharing. I'm here for 3 more weeks so will share a few more observations and activities as they come up. Enjoy your week! Renee

Renee P.