Friday, October 31, 2014

Zumba for A Cause

So Thursday brought a fun time at the annual breast cancer fundraiser at the Marriott. I've always gone when on-island, but it's been kickboxing. This time it was Zumba. I'm not the most coordinated person, but neither was anyone else, so it was actually a lot of fun. When the insructor first said there'd be 20 (or was it 30 songs), I thought she was kidding, but after 1 1/2 hours, I discovered she was not.

Scene St. Kitts was there as usual. The face behind Scene St. Kitts is Tina, but it's always got a camera in front of it (mine usually does too).

A few of the fun ones Tina took:

Can I just say, I want one picture where I'm not a sweaty slob? Plus, I didn't have any pink and needed pockets so had to wear hiking gear. Yeesh.

I hitched a ride with someone else I hadn't seen in awhile, and realized that I know more people from my 4 years here, than I've known in my lifetime.

That night, was round 4 with the kitty and the mouse. Ms. Kitty has been bringing mice in through the kitty door so she can munch on them in peace. Except that I'm here. The 1st night, one ran across my back, except that I didn't know that's what it was, and when I got up that morning there was nothing but a red splotch on the floor. Shrug. The next night I watched Flush bring a very alive mouse into the bedroom and then drop it. I spent a bit of time running after it before I realized that it would be easier to let Flush get it again, so helped her round it up. Once it was in her mouth, I pulled it out by the tail and let it out so it could live to see another day.

Well, that was likely all it got, because the next night Flush came in with another one. I took her and the mouse in her mouth outside, but kitty didn't take the hint, so I took the mouse from her again. The next night, she waited until she killed the thing before bringing it in. Before I was onto her, half the mouse was eaten already. Yuck. Seriously, yuck. Incredibly, she ate every single thing - from fur to bones to blood - except for 3 stinky turd-like things (gizzards?). Pretty amazing. Gross, but amazing. I will be locking Flush's cat door at night if she continues to do this.

Ah, a nice sunrise.

I'm pretty sure Betsy has figured out that if I've appeared, that means her favorite human is about to disappear. So to make her feel better, I take her to the beach. She knows right where to go.

Beach! Yay!



Grass - awesome!

Of course, there's always the long, steep walk back. Last time I was here, I dragged her. This time, she found shade and waited for me.

Guard cat waiting. Sans mouse, thank you.

All that rolling around, meant this, of course. Now she smells like coconut. Quite pleasant.

Happy Halloween everyone!

P.S. Last year at this time, we were partaking in Fantasy Fest activities on Key West. Life is weird. Well, ours is. Renee