Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Handing over the Torch...Again

Once again, Island Babble is losing its main poster, and it's time to hand the reins to someone else. It was always my intention that Island Babble be larger than me and larger than whoever was posting on it. The direction I envisioned for Island Babble was that it be a current source of island information and a place people could come to ask questions and make comments. It has included posts about general island life (both good and bad), updates about businesses and events, and has had guest contributors to provide their own viewpoints on various subjects.  I have met many long-time friends thanks to this blog, as I'm sure Ben has as well.

I'll be leaving the island again in 2 weeks (you're not rid of me yet!), and Ben and his family are returning to the U.S. shortly as well. Jason Hanley has offered to take over the blog and update the outdated map, calendar, restaurant listing, activities list, and all other tabs associated with Island Babble (and were a lot of work!). He will be writing in conjunction with a few other folks who have expressed an interest in sharing island tidbits with all of you.

Thanks to his wife, who works at the Ross vet clinic, Jason understands student interests, but he also runs his own businesses  and personal blog, so has his own take on living and working on an island. Some of his interests include hiking, snorkeling, photography, traveling, and even flying the occasional plane.

We've done lots of brainstorming, and Jason is confident he can continue to educate and entertain visitors, island-dwellers (full and part time), students and their parents, and anyone else who's enjoyed this blog over the years or who's just discovered it.

If anyone has any thoughts on what they'd like to see on Island Babble going forward, do share. There will be lots of changes in the future to make it more user friendly and interactive, and easier to navigate.

Thanks to all of you for your readership, input, and friendship! Good luck to Ben on his new endeavors.

Renee P.